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October 2020 delivery ...

First service at 960kms ish


Black but now with my own design decals through Crispy Designs in the UK website here


Parts, accessories and adjustments as follows:

Already had the foam unifilter (as per the Oz spec) but added the pre-filter that is removed & refitted as and when required.

OE bash plate

OE bashplate tool box see it here

OE engine guards

Barkbusters + the extra Barkbuster bar end weights

Quadlock 'weatherproof' wireless phone charging mount and vibration dampener My review and criticism

OE headlight protector

OE radiator guard

OE centre stand

OE chain guide

R&G rear spindle slider paddock stand bobbins combo (still waiting for the front to be in stock) R&G spindle sliders

R&G side stand foot expander thing < looks nice but rarely useful and sometimes makes it precarious to use (my opinion)

OE mono seat (plus MotoDry seat bag) review here

Hella type DIN socket in the right blank hole (much better than the cig lighter 12v)

Wired in a piggy back Anderson plug set up for plug and play battery minder and to power my Dynaplug mini compressor

Got Mitas E09 Dakar Adventure tyres organised (rear is here, front back ordered)

DoubleTake adventure mirrors (wifey now has my stock one's on her XT250) check them out here

Seat hack as per my most popular YouTube video (thanks guys 🙂check it out


Future plans and accessories list is vast of course.  The more I buy, the more I see to buy ... it's never ending but fun all the same.  Got a couple of big rides coming up so will be adding pannier racks, rotopax, pivot pegs and working on a decent tool kit and melting down the OE tool kit for scrap (because that's all it's worth!) which ironically rhymes with crap.  Additionally I'll be doing some suspension work but nothing drastic yet, I"m only a little feck at almost 5'8" and only 70kgs so adjusting out any sag and playing with the standard stuff until I'm flush enough to spend $2K plus AUD for some fancy suspenders < phwoar 😍 ... oh and I'm wanting some spare wheels for easy swap to adventure riding from the commute (standard) hoops. 





adding stuff
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YouTube - RIDER GUIDER - check out my T7 playlist and say hello 😀 

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