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Tusk Fender Eliminator with or without signals


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Not sure if this has been reviewed on here, if so I didn't come  across it.  I just happened upon it when perusing the RMATVMC website yesterday.  Seems like a decent tail tidy that you can order with signals and relay, which I thought was nice as I've seen lots of people ask questions about where people sourced signals and the LED flasher relay.  This could be a one stop shop for some.

Thought I'd share.



The stock rear fender on dual sport motorcycles can be bulky and hazardous while riding off-road. The Tusk Fender Eliminator Kit cleans up the bulk by removing the low hanging rear fender, relocating the license...


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I installed the Tusk Fender Eliminator Kit on my T7 yesterday.  The online video from RockyMountain was detailed and very helpful.  The bike now has a much cleaner, neater tail light assembly.  Goodbye, strange, ugly, rear end.

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After lots of research, I also bought this Tusk item a month or so ago.


One thing I was concerned with though was that high angle of the license plate holder, which from all the on-line pics I thought would partially obstruct my rear LED signals when viewed from anything except straight on. Test fitting it to my bike proved that to be exactly the case (why the hell did Tusk make it like that?!?!), so I bent the plate holder down to a more vertical position before installation. Looks much better now, and the rear signals are more visible.



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Definitely much better look over stock.  I'm tempted to buy the carbon fiber fender eliminator from 007plate.com


Here is a digital rendering from their website...


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