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I have been sporting the stock 80/20 Scorpion and have already worn it out. I am now looking for a more aggressive offroad tire set up. Any suggestions that pertain to logging roads specifically. 


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The tread of the TRACTIONATOR Adventure Tyre is unique: blocks that self sharpen for better grip through the life of the tyre and longer...

The tread of the TRACTIONATOR RALLZ Tyre provides more aggressive off-road traction in all conditions from outback desert to...

I have the Motoz tractionator adventure, very happy with them so far. Opinions vary greatly when it comes to tyre choices 🤔

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I just put on e09 Dakar on the rear and e13 on the front for a rally event this weekend. 

great tyres both on and off road however the rear is basically more than half done already in about 2000km 😞  

obviusly have to work em a bit on road but off-road they have proven they’re worthiness. I think I will try Dunlop 908 next. 


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I have the Motoz Tractionator Rallz and it is very good but has a significant drone on road. I would buy again but I will be trying the the Pirelli Mt21 on the rear next.

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I finally finished off my factory pirelli scorpions a while back and moved to a Motoz RallZ. I got about 600 miles on them on the road and about 200-300 of that off-road. The wear was as expected roughly 3-5000 miles would be my guess on them.

However, today I was riding off road in my local area on a relatively flat sandy area and got a large 1-in slice up the center of the tire in between two main tread blocks and cannot safely patch it. I was running 30 PSI with a day's worth of luggage on the back and had an 8-10 hour day ahead of me. 15 miles in and I'm back home until I settle on a new rear tire.

600 miles on the rear and the tire is junk. I really like this tire but now I'm worried about buying it again. Was it bad luck or due to durability?

I really want to try the MotoZ Adventure or just buy another RallyZ. However, the Q speed rating of 99mph puts me off as I am quite the speedster on the road. I don't want that 30mph top speed limiter. I generally like to enjoy the full range of the motorcycle I bought.






Although I don't know much about exceeding a tires speed rating, I'm sure it's not recommended or safe.

I did like this tire enough that I could probably overlook the speed rating if I can't find anything better. My only complaint from my whole experience with both of them was the noise from the front tire but as to be expected from an 80/20 tire favoring dirt.





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