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I have 2021 Tenere 700 with 2000 miles on it.  Recently it developed a metal to metal clunk in the front end.  It was very pronounced on abrupt hits like tree roots or square edge ruts.   I subsequently discovered that the Steering Stem Nut was only finger tight and since the hole in the upper bracket is actually larger than steering stem there is movement when the nut is not tight.   So I assume the nut was never torqued to spec from the factory or dealer.   Since I was already in maintenance mode I went ahead and greased the steering head bearings and torque the steering stem nut to 110 lb-ft on reassembly.   Problem solved.

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Thanks. Super common problem on the Super Tenere. Loctite 242 and proper torque are your friends!

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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Has anyone tried this product? 


Permatex High Strength Removable ORANGE is a hybrid formula that combines the strength of a Permatex Threadlocker RED with the removability of a Permatex Threadlocker BLUE. Permatex Threadlocker ORANGE provides high strength for heavy-duty applications, but unlike Threadlocker RED, it can removed with hand tools and does not require heating to achieve removal. Ideal for high vibration applications such as power sports.


Ads are ads - I would like to get some real world feedback.  Cheers

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