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2021 Battleborn Ride


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June 2021 Battleborn Ride

One of my sons was headed to Austin NV just because so I decided to meet him there.  The idea was Idaho to Austin and back dirt all the way.  The outlook was hot, hotter, and hottest all at the same time.  After planning a route it turned into a solo ride of 5 Days, 4 Nights, and 970 miles.  800 miles on dirt roads from Wednesday 6/16 to Sunday 6/20.


Here is my inReach track after getting back.  I cut through the top west corner of Utah.




Day 1

Oakley Idaho to a campground at Angle Lake outside Wells NV.  I followed The California Overland Trail Backcountry Byway almost all the way.  I saw one person between Oakley and Wells on this route.  Luckily he turned out to be a County Road Maintenance guy because I had gotten off track and he put me back on course.


Some weren’t as lucky as me on this trail.  This nice family must have been ambushed by bandits judging by the holes in their car.




This young fellow must have been going too fast on the bumpy road because his head fell off.



Angel Lake





The Falls at Angel Lake




Day 2

Left Angel Lake and rode 93 down to Ruby Valley.  Went through The Wildlife Refuge and met back up with The OT and The Pony Express Route.  Followed those to just North of Eureka.  Went into town and fueled up after 27 miles on reserve.  South out of Eureka across the Monitor Range and Toquima Cave before going back North and camping at the Bob Scott campground outside of Austin.  From Fort Ruby to Austin I followed Rocky Mountain ATV’s Battleborn South Day 3 GPX route backwards.


Metropolis outside of Wells



Spencer Hot Springs outside of Austin



Sunset at Bob Scott Campground



Day 3

Broke camp and dropped into Austin for fuel.  Rode Grass Valley to Cortez Mine Rd.  Crossed Cortez and the 10 mile long conveyor belt.  North of Cortez I crossed some ranges and dropped down onto The Humboldt River and Palisades Ghost Town before entering Carlin for fuel and lunch.  Fun fact, I used to live in Carlin believe it or not.  I followed Maggie Creek north out of Carlin to Tuscarora and The Taylor Canyon Club.  I had a few IPAs with the owner and he graciously let me have a shower even loaning me a towel.  I went north from there and camped at the Jack Creek Campground.


The Taylor Canyon Club, stop here for sure.



My only Jack Creek neighbor



Jack Creek Campground



Day 4

I left Jack Creek and followed Chicken Creek to The Mountain City Highway.  I traveled South through the canyon and took the Bruneau River Loop from Wild Horse to Jarbidge.  I spent 21 miles on reserve into Jarbidge where I fueled up.  I had a few too many and shot some pool during the heat of the day at The Outside Inn.  After that I camped in a campground South of town on the river.


Having a cold one in the hot shade of Jarbidge



Outdoor Inn, lots of friendly people, lots of IPAs and a pool table.  Showers are $10.



Day 5

Broke camp and struck out for home.  Slabbed it most the way so it was uneventful and boring.  Great trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat.




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Thanks for taking the time to do a write up and pictorial of your trip.  Beautiful countryside that I hope to ride some day.  😊

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