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Front tire punctures


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So twice now this happened, I hit a sharp object/rock and pinched the tube in my front tire, both times I can't say that my tire pressure was as it should have been, but it should have been the recommended high 30s psi. 


Now I'm wondering if this is a "common" thing and what I could do to prevent it from happening. 


I was thinking about a fatter/taller tire (would also help correct the speedo) but I think you cant get bigger than 90/90 on a 21


Another thing, Im in the process of doing, is going tubeless, no tubes to pinch that way. 

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What kind of terrain do you ride on? Was it a puncture or a pinch. Puncture can be from too high of pressure. Pinch is usually from too low of pressure. Hi 30's is fine for road, but high for trail/bush riding.


I've been tubeless for over a year now, and other than a taco'd rim, no problems. The rim was the result of a high speed hit to a misplaced rock on a back country trail. Had to fit a tube to get home. Rim is now back straight, and all is good.


I have never seen a fatter 21" tire.

I think I have Yamaha disease...

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Both times were a pinch, I'm assuming, just a tiny hole. First time was in a pine forest trail I think I hit a root while coming out of a dip, the other was on some "bedrock" must have hit an edge a bit too hard I was being cautious. Keeping the pressure high would be the best way to avoid that right? And what route did you go for tubeless?

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My T7's front rim got dinged a few days ago after hitting a shadowed rock while blasting up a road with lots of embedded rocks, but fortunately no flat. Pressure was at the road recommended 32 psi, which I attribute to helping avoid a pinch flat but who knows.



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