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Across Wyoming's Great Basin


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Wow, the Basin is Big and Barren. I'm wondering if the eventual WYBDR will go through it. Rode 1,100 miles from Boulder, CO to Union Pass across the Wind River Range and back, crossing the Basin twice. The way North I went Bar X road and Oregon Buttes, and the way back went more easterly through South Pass City (ghost town), to Sweetwater Bridge and eventually Mineral X Road. Saw some good sites (South Pass City is a great stop!), and mostly easy roads, but very hot temperatures (90s) and too much wildfire smoke. I'm worried here in the Western USA that wildfire smoke-filled summers are our new normal. Scary. Drove through the big Colorado Cameron Peak  fire area from last summer getting to WY, and the terrain is apocalyptic. Union Pass was an easy dirt road and not super interesting. Enjoyed FS300 Louis Lake Rd SW of Lander and camping there more. That's a nice area to see. Also an easy dirt road. Some exploring along the Lander Cuttoff road to Pinedale was fun. Across the Basin you will hit some sand, silt, and slightly more challenging riding. Took me 3 hours to get across, running from 20-40 MPH. My T7 got in the 60s MPG the whole trip. From Lander to Rawlings across the basin I got 68 MPG. That's with pretty big camping load. Love it - and the bike!!





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A big empty out there.


60 mpg is pretty good. Specially when lots of owners report 45 to 52.   And we can see you were loaded heavy.


What was your secret? Just real low speed . . . or do you have a trick?



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I've been getting 60 or better no matter how I ride or my loading. I get the best mileage when I'm doing low speeds like on this trip. On those dirt roads I wasn't big into my throttle (most of the time) - just cruising along. Worst mileage seems to be around town/city with lots of starts and stops. But I'm still getting 60 doing that. 

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Anyone have experience using a 16T front sprocket?  Mileage improve?

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I'm running a 16T CS mostly on road and still getting 57-58 MPG overall.   I really like the taller gearing but I'm not doing any technical stuff.

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