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Installation of Motea Constands center stand and compatibility with AXP skid plate


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Hi everyone,


this is more of a reference post for people that might end up searching if the Constands center stand from Motea actually fits on the bike. When bought the bike, the AXP skidplate was already installed and does require modification to fit with the center stand.


On the bashplate, a part on the right side will interfere with the location of the center stand. I've cut along the red lines. In hindsight, you can probably cut it along the green line somewhere. It doesn't need that much material removed, but it looked more symmetrical to me, and i wanted a bit of a gap there 🙂


The second picture shows the skidplate on the bike and the gap that is left when cutting the plate.


Overall, i'm quite happy with the center stand. The manual is ok, and it's quite easy to get it installed. Just remove and replace a few bolts here and there. On the left side it bolts behind the passenger footpeg point and the frame, next to the rear linkage, there's enough space. On the right hand side it bolts on top of the passenger footpeg bit, just below the actual footpeg.

There seems to be enough clearance everywhere. It's very easy to get the bike up and the springs seem to be strong enough to hold it up well. It seems to be in the same category as bigger brand, good weight and sturdy construction. The only "negative" thing seems to be the large lever. It's quite long and raises up next to the left foot peg. I might look into modifying it, but that'll mean it's harder to get it up (heh..)














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