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Alternative Tape/Sealant et al for Tubeless


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I decided to go “tubeless” on my tires as I typically do not ride very aggressively in those instances where tire/rim damage is highly likely.   I ordered up a complete OUTEX tubeless “kit” for installation.


The kit is very complete, pretty easy to install but my results were less than spectacular in part due to the spoke nipples used on the T7 wheels.   They are large and quite prominent inside the rim and while OUTEX recommends grinding them down to be more flush with the rim, I was unwilling (at this juncture) to take the time & effort to do that.


It meant I needed to seal around and in the nipples very carefully with something other than what was supplied by OUTEX.  Following the lead of many of those who have gone before me, I selected 3M 5200.    That “sealant” comes in various flavors and on the front wheel I used standard cure 5200 but it takes 7 days to fully cure.  Also the supplied double sided tape (31mm) for the Front wheel covered the inside and over the nipples fairly well.


The front wheel was a 100% success the first time.  NO LEAKS!!!!


Not so with the rear.  The nipples are closer to the edge of the rim and the OUTEX supplied double sided tape (51 mm) is not really wide enough to cover everything (IMHO) effectively.   I used 5220 ( Fast Cure 5200 ) so only had to wait overnight to lay down the double sided tape & protection strip. Since the tape was marginal at best, I had two nipples that leaked so had to do a second round on  those with extra special cleaning and tape coverage up the inside of the rim to ensure no leaks.   That fixed the pesky nipple leaks but …………………………… lo and behold, I found a very slow, minor leak around a third nipple.


So off came the tire (third time) and another repair with 3M 5220.   Short story is it did not take the second time either…..  I was beginning to get po’ed so I searched around and found some folks have used SEAL ALL  as a sealant in lieu of the 3M product.  SEAL ALL is much more viscous than 3M and has the consistency of a thin glue.   It also cures via evaporation of a solvent (it’s pretty sticky stuff!!!)  It will seep into small places much easier & faster than 5200 and cures in only 6 hours.


A couple of layers of SEAL ALL on the offending nipple and I was ready to put some sealing/protective Tape over the nipple.  I had used most of the OUTEX supplied product so I needed a replacement.  I realized I had a roll of ETERNABOND RoofSeal tape.  It’s used to seal roof openings, seam & joints on RV roofs.  It is unbelievably tenacious and easily twice to three times as “sticky” as the OUTEX tape (but only single sided) and non-permeable.  It also has a cover attached to it for protection already and the whole thing will stretch slightly to conform around  the nipple.  A huge CAUTION here if you use it.   Don’t let the adhesive side of the ETERNABOND touch ANYTHING or ANYPLACE you don’t want covered.  Once there it WILL NOT want to come off!!!!


So the end of the story is this,  if I had to do it over again, I’d not buy the OUTEX kit (even though it is a decent product) but buy a roll of ETERNABOND Roof Seal tape (probably 2 inch) and a couple of tubes of SEAL ALL.   The Tape can be overlapped w/o issue.  It’d be much less expensive, quite a bit slower to install since the SEAL ALL requires fewer nipples be done at once, but I’m sure the results would be 100% sealing the firs time.


Tape Link - https://www.amazon.com/EternaBond-Rubber-Roof-Repair-White/dp/B075V98PQY/ref=pd_vtp_6/146-4359885-8398654?pd_rd_w=B9EhB&pf_rd_p=016e3697-91be-4dc2-9533-ef9350e7e73d&pf_rd_r=CEZCS73Z7B9WMD6C85CR&pd_rd_r=601789ce-cbcd-4673-a194-c0857e14c05a&pd_rd_wg=phPhr&pd_rd_i=B075V98PQY&psc=1


Seal all link - https://www.amazon.com/Seal-All-380112-Contact-Adhesive-Sealant/dp/B008VK0JS4/ref=asc_df_B008VK0JS4/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167111061052&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7780416403098523389&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027781&hvtargid=pla-310540923259&psc=1




Seal All.jpg

Outex lit.jpg

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Thanks for sharing. I plan on sealing mine over the winter when I'll be due for new tires, and will likely follow your path. I still have a partial tube of SealAll from another project, and know it works well.

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@TXSailor  Did you do any kind of prep work around the spoke nipples (scuffing, wiping with solvent, etc.), or did you just apply the Seal-All on and around nipples once the tire was off the rim?  I've just ordered the items you'd mentioned above, and will likely be doing this to the rear rim within the next couple of weeks.


Thanks in advance.

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I used 3M 5200 around each of the nipples inside the rim.   Any form of sealant should work as well however I can recommend Seal-All contact adhesive and sealant as being very effective.   I did not "scuff" but cleaned thoroughly with Brake Cleaner and Alcohol.  All parts should be very dry before adding the rim "tape".  The "kits" from Japan work well but are very expensive for what they give you.   EternaBond RV sealing tape is very, very sticky stuff and works just as good but you will have to cut it to width for the OEM wheels.


I sealed the Stock wheels that Yamaha supplied with the bike.   They have not leaked after at least one section f the MABDR and then 1200 miles of road work.

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