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Tube Change


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I have an old No Mar tire changer and had it out to change the front tire on my road bike.

While I had it out I thought   I would add heavy duty tubes to the T7.

I thought with the no mar it would be a cinch to do an adventure tire.

Well that OEM rear was not easy to open up, just for a tube change.

I have an old dirt bike which I have fixed flats on the side of the trail, do not think I could do a trail side rear tube repair on the T7.  I guess I could if the alternative was a long walk.  

Anyway, new tubes are in and hopefully will not get to experience a flat soon. 

I can see the desire to go tubeless and plug a flat.


Anyone surprised the OEM wheels have no balance weights on them?


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When I replaced the rear tire on the mighty T7 I found it was like welded to the rim.  I used lots of slimy stuff and a great tire bead breaker and even at that it was a chore.  Now the 2nd and 3rd rear tires were so much easier.  However, I still do not look forward to doing tire repairs on the road or trail.  So far, so good.

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Rear wheel took 3 oz of weights and front 1 oz. 

For the rear, i have never put that much weight on a bike wheel before.

I was going to use dyna beads but could not find them - they are in the house somewhere, ready to keep the house balanced should it spin out of control.

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