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Hello Everyone! 

I recently got a new Tenere and I’m in love. I  haven’t had a chance to rip into it yet but am confused with the OEM wiring capabilities. 

I love the idea of using the OEM provided connectors for any electrical add ons. I want to avoid any cutting/running wires if I can 


I have read the electrical threads on the forum but am getting conflicting info as I surf the European forums. I don’t know if this is due to the bikes themselves or the knowledge shared in each community.  


Question: is there 1 aux connection? Or 2? I see a number of threads calling out the 5amp connection on the right(on the bike). But am seeing threads calling out one on the left (on the bike) as well. 

Thanks for any thoughts/input




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There are 4 total connectors at the front of the bike.  There are 2 of the lower current AUX connectors, they're the rectangular 2 pin connector. 5AMP I believe.  Then there are the 2, 3 pin Sumitomo waterproof connectors. 10AMP.  I'd have to dig out the info to confirm those currents, but thats what I remember.  There is one of each type on each side under the fairings. From factory, my bike had it's 12V aux plug connected to one of the lower current 2 pin aux connectors.  The two Sumitomo connectors come unused.  The Sumitomo connectors are actually for the Yamaha heated grips and fog/aux lights, but you can of course plug in whatever you want, assuming you can get your hands on a connector kit (which is super easy to do).  All 4 plugs are fused and energized with the ignition key.  You will of course have to run your own switches for whatever you're plugging in, but I assume your accessories will come with their own harness or whatever they need. 


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Thank you Spanky! 


This makes sense and I can confirm this in the service manual.  Sorry for the noob question but if I am reading this correctly, that means the 2 aux (lower) connectors share a 2A fuse and the 2 upper Sumitomo connectors share a 10A fuse.  First, if that is correct, does that mean no more than 2A can be drawing on those lower aux connectors and no more than 10A on the Sumitomo connectors?   So if both Sumitomo connectors were being used, each effectively gets 5A?



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Ahh 2Amp, that's right.  Yes, that's correct the current/amperage is shared between the two connectors going through one fuse. If the combined current exceeds the fuse rating, it'll blow.  It doesn't have to be an even split though.  Can just as easily be 8/2 or 4/6 etc on a 10 amp fuse. Whatever accessory you're planning on hooking up should have its current draw listed somewhere.  Also, in the case of something like a USB charger, it'll swap voltage for current.  What that means is your bikes approximately 12V/2A input can be converted to approximately 5V/3.5A with just one of those cigarette lighter adapters.  That's why the bikes 12V socket is totally fine on the 2A circuit. 

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