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Recoding existing key after losting one..


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Not much information about this and not pertinent to US users as their bikes don't have an immobilizer system as the European models.


So, i've lost a key in a dangerous place/near were i store my bike and lost a a few hours online seeing what i could do and nothing useless came up untill i read the service manual and luckely is was exactly what i wanted..





"Voiding the standard key code:If a standard key has been lost, it is possible to disable its use by re-registering the remaining standardkey. Standard key registration erases the stored standard key code from the memory, thus disablingthe lost standard key. To re-register, refer to “Standard key registration”


So for now i recoded my spare standard key  and bike is safe as the lost one will not work.


Ordering a new one in a Yamaha dealer and recoding once it arrives...this with the red master key in a 20 second procedure that some Yamaha dealers ask a generous amount to do.


This are the full instructions, only will add that once you have to make it in less or 3 seconds and be quick changing from the master key to the standard one.


"Standard key registration:Standard key registration is required when a standardkey is lost and needs to be replaced, or whenthe code re-registering key is re-registered after the immobilizer unit or ECU are replaced.

TIP Do not start the engine with a standard key that has not been registered. If the main switch is turned“ON” with a standard key that has not been registered,the immobilizer system indicator light flashes to indicate fault code “52”. (Refer to “SELF-DIAGNOSIS FAULT CODE INDICATION” on page 8-94).

1. Check that the immobilizer system indicator light signals the standby mode.

2. Using the code re-registering key, turn the main switch to “ON”, then “OFF”, and then remove thekey within 5 seconds.

3. Insert the first standard key to be registered into the main switch, then turn the key to “ON” within 5seconds to activate the key registration mode.TIPThe existing standard key code is erased from the memory when the key registration mode is activated.When the key registration mode is activated, the immobilizer system indicator light flashes rapidly.

4. While the indicator light is flashing, turn the main switch to “OFF”, remove the key, and within 5 sec-onds, insert the second standard key to be registered into the main switch.TIPIf the immobilizer system indicator light stops flashing 5 seconds after the first standard key is regis-tered, the registration mode is deactivated. If this occurs, the second standard key cannot be registered,and steps 2 to 4 need to be repeated to register both standard keys.5. Turn the main switch to “ON”.

TIP When the indicator light goes off, the registration is complete.

6. Check that the engine can be started with the two registered standard keys."






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If you kinda know where you lost it, a rental metal detector may do the trick.  May be too late anyway...

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