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Thoughts on Klim Outlander GTX boots


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I’d like to get a motorcycle boot that I can use to walk and hike in. The majority of my off road riding consists of logging roads that often lead to a great hike or some other reason to park the bike and head off on foot.

I’m considering the new Klim Outlander GTX, if you have a pair I’d love to hear what you think of them or if you have another option please let me know.




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I have no education on Klim stuff so no opinion.  However, you may want to look at the Alpinestars line of boot.  I wear something similar to this STELLA ANDES V2 DRYSTAR® BOOTS  and it's super comfy and very easy to walk with.  This link brings you to the full page of Alpinestars. 


Alpinestars has outfitted countless world champions and produces the highest level of performance and protective footwear and apparel for motorcycle, motocross and mountain bike riders. Our legacy of...


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I have been wearing a pair since mid may. Chose these because of the BOA quick lace system. Using them to commute mostly but hope to take a trip soon. Comfortable so far! Recommended.

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Thank you for your comments. I went to a Klim dealer to try a pair of Outlanders on, the sales lady politely smiled and said “We’ve been sold out of those since June, our next shipment isn’t due until next February”. Then I stared checking online, everyone sold out of them.

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@Toddler on Klim GTX.  I've had a set since 2018.  They are very well made and very comfortable.  I hike in them as well as using them for easy riding.  I wear them as winter snow boots too.  They are still in like new condition.  I love the lace system.  Easy in, easy out.  Originally got them for a trip to Peru.  They were great a couple weeks riding over 10k' in the Andes and a week in the Amazon Basin.  My feet weren't cold in the mountains nor hot and sweaty in the jungle.  They were the only footwear I had and I never needed for anything else.  I use Tech 7 when I'm spending most the time off road but you can't walk around in Tech 7.  If the GTX is the style boot you like, you will not be disappointed in these boots.  They are not MX boots though.


I don't have any close ups but these will do.

Klim GTX on the Amazon River and in the jungle




Klim GTX keeping my feet warm as I froze my arse off at 12,000' in the Andes.



Klim GTX hiking all over Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu



Love these boots.  Not a lot of protection.

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Thank you everyone.


I got lucky and found a pair of Outlander GTX boots, what a great boot! I just got back from a two day rainy ride and I'm please to say my feet were warm and dry. These boots are so comfortable I've worn them all day even when I wasn't riding.


They don't pretend to be a motocross boot so don't expect them to be.


Here's a few positives:

-amazingly light

-great lacing system

-water proof

-extremely comfortable

-great for walking and hiking

-very well made


As for negatives, I can't really think of any.



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Thanks for posting this thread. I am also looking for a hiking/riding boot and this looks like a good option.  The four I am considering now are:


Riding/walking boots
[ ] Klim Outlander GTX 299
[ ] Forma Adv low 239
[ ] SIDI Denver WR Riding Boots 249
[ ] SIDI Adventure 2 Gore Tex Mid Boots 349

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Cautionary tale:  this July, I broke my ankle quite badly when my left ankle went under my T7 in a simple low side while riding on some farm trails on a friend's property.  I was wearing Klim Outlander GTX boots at the time.


In said low side, the bike smashed down on my foot and turned my left ankle nearly 90 degrees to the left, resulting in a trimalleolar (triple) fracture and dislocation.  The ankle was more or less fully unsupported and just hanging there.  I went to the ER immediately, had the bones reset, and got scheduled for surgery a few days later.  Surgery went well (I now have a lot of hardware in my ankle) but I was still basically stuck on the couch for over a month without really being able to take care of myself or work.


2.5 months after the injury, I am finally starting to put introduce the bad ankle to weight bearing via physical therapy exercises, but I am still on crutches and am by no means back to normal.  I sometimes wonder if the ankle ever will truly feel normal again to be honest.  I've got a long recovery road ahead and none of it is fun, and none of these medical bills are paying for themselves (and yes, I do have insurance coverage, but it only covers some of the expenses).

Summing up:  these particular riding boots - though comfortable and definitely better than nothing - will NOT protect you at all in the case of ankle torsion/rotation.  They certainly didn't protect me in this exact sort of scenario.  When I am finally able to ride again (maybe next year?), I will not be wearing these boots, or any sort of low "adventure" boots again for anything more than fully paved rides.  After being forced to wear a stiff lplastic walking boot for months of recovery, I am more than capable of wearing plastic MX/enduro boots for the comparatively limited amounts of time I'm on the bike.

**PS: I know people are already typing "what tires, what skill level" and all this.  It's irrelevant.   This was a simple momentary bike dump like we've all had.

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Hey, I've been there and done that to both my ankles.  Most of the riding boots available won't protect your ankle like a motocross boot does.  But they're uncomfortable to walk in and ride with all day.  I wear Forma Adventure boots and although they look the part, won't protect your ankle.  It's a big trade off this comfort vs. protection thing.  Broken ankles and broken collar bones.  Just what the doctor ordered!

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I've adjusted the shift lever brake lever and trimmed the bash plate on the T7 to fit Alpinestar Tech 7 boots.  Going forward I'll probably always be using Enduro/mx boots while on the T7.  I'm leaving Saturday for Austin Texas to see the Moto GP race.  I'll be riding a Connie 14 covering 1500 miles between Idaho and Austin all pavement.  Most likely I will be wearing the GTX boots.  I've got an old set of Sidi road boots but I prefer the GTX.  Camping at COTA I'll be able to walk around for two or three days in the GTX boots.  That wouldn't work with the Sidi road race boots or enduro/mx boots.

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