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2 piece rally seat

Lyfe BehindBars

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Hi guys, so I finally did it. I converted the stock 2 piece seat to a 2 piece rally seat. Extra 1.5 inches height added as well as heated seat element.


Seat foam came from a stock xt250 seat, heating element is diy. Total cost inc foam, adhesive, cover, etc about $50


labour took a while. About 12 hours of actual work.


also, no cutting or shaping of the original foams was done, essentially glued the XT250 seat on top and filled it in with leftover bits from the donor seat to create this. I just didn't feel like cutting the Oem foam.


heating pad draws less than 3amps at full and takes about 20 minutes to get to a comfortable warmth and stays at that warmth so it's very tolerable for long periods. I created a pocket for the pads so it can be replaced in the future be removing a few staples and sliding it out from the back of the front seat. I strictly added the heating pad because I had everything to do it and figured why not do it while doing the seat. Between the oxford heated grips and a heated seat, colder rides should be more tolerable. Next is to sew in a heating pad into my jacket and insoles and all will have their individual heat controllers.


more info to follow






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