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Scorpion Yuma jacket for a good value IMO.


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I didn't really need this jacket but thought it might make a nice fall/ spring jacket with the extra liner. Plus its a bit longer than my Klim which is nice in cooler weather. I had been watching it drop in price for months now and decided to try one out when it hit $109.


It’s definitely an entry level jacket for someone looking to get into an ADV jacket for cheap. But it doesn’t feel cheaply made and comes pretty loaded with elbow and shoulder “armor” and a back “pad” along with a water proof liner. Thats a lot of jacket for $109! I have nothing to do with the company or the gear but just thought it might be helpful info for someone on here looking for their 1st ADV jacket. Can’t beat the bang for the buck on this one. I got it from motorcyclegear 






If you want the features of an adventure-style jacket, but need something for hot weather use, then you are in the right place! This Yuma jacket from...






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A little follow up on this.  


I had been using this as my cold weather jacket because of the waterproof liner it has in it.  Its been working very well as that.  Well enough that I started to wonder if this cheap jacket could replace my Klim summer jacket.  The other day riding it got very hot out and I had the chance to try just that out.  I pulled out the liner and had just a t-shirt on under the jacket.  With this, the padding in this jacket cut into me pretty good and was very uncomfortable as a summer jacket.  I realized then all the time when I had been wearing it as a cold weather jacket I had the liner, and one or more sweatshirts under it so I never got the chafing from the padding.


With that said, I would not recomend this as a summer jacket.  

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