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Motoz Tractionator GPS review.


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A great compromise tire? 

I went directly from the stock Pirelli STR to the Motoz GPS.  So my review is also a comparison based on those two.  (GPS rear mounted in “off road” direction). I decided on this tire based on the mileage their supposed to get, not too aggressive IMO and the need for more lateral traction over the OEM. 

Roughly 450 miles on the front/ 250 on the rear. 

The goods-

-They seem quiet on the pavement(very important to me).  Pavement traction is good (not tested in wet yet) I’ve leaned them over a good bit but not like a sport bike yet. 

-Soft terrain (mud and sand) traction is moderately improved.

-Leaned over cornering traction on all “non pavement” surfaces are much improved (probably my biggest reason for wanting to try them) 

-While It seems like the rear tire is the more favored tire in this duo, I’ve been quite happy with the front.  The STR front has been almost scary at times in some situations where the GPS has not been for me in similar situations. Example- hammering around loose dirt/ light sandy dirt roads/ fire roads. 
-With the front GPS the bike to me feels like it turns in a little quicker. 
-No more front end wobble! 


The not so goods-

-When the bike is in full upright position on hard dirt under acceleration the rear tire is slippery. Most likely due to the solid rubber strip down the middle. 
-Rear braking traction is definitely reduced.  I was considering turning the tire around to the 50/50 direction rather than the “mostly off road” direction just to see if rear braking gets improved. But after putting some miles on them I’m getting used to it so I probably won’t go through the effort. 
-I think my speedo is of by an additional 1 MPH over the STR according to my GPS- the navigation one.

-Between 30-20 MPH while de-accelerating their is a new vibration coming from the rear tire. It’s not a terrible, just noticeable. 

The overall-

My 1st several miles on the rear I was damn near ready to go back home, pull it  off and put my 3k+ mile STR back on due to the surprise of the upright, straight line slippery-ness and loss of rear braking traction.  But after continuing on I started to like the much improved cornering traction.  It’s kinda an odd feeling going from sliding while upright to hooking up while starting to lean it over in a dirt turn.  But I’m getting used to it.  With the miles I have on it now I’ve mostly gotten used to the pitfalls while loving the improvements. I’ve yet to come across anything to complain about with the front tire at all. 

After I’ve piled maybe a thousand or 2 miles on them I’ll report back with any changes with my thoughts on them. Until then, their growing on me and I think they just might be the ultimate “compromise” tires. 




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I just mounted a set also. Honestly I wanted their Adv or Rallz tires but couldn’t find any so settled for these. Probably a good thing I did, as street manners are important to me. Only thing I don’t like so far is the distinct rumble you feel between about 23 and 28 mph. 

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I've got a couple hundred miles on the GPS rear (mounted 50/50) paired with a Shinko 804 on the front.

Totally agree with slippery when upright GPS on dirt/gravel that hooks up when leaned. And the noise in the 25 MPH range. 

I've had them in mud once: the front tire packed up and locked, the GPS had enough bite to push the bike about a quarter mile without the front turning. I wanted something that worked in the mud as the STR does not. High fender kit is next!

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