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My T7 Journey


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Everything I have done to my bike has been discussed on this forum by other, though I would add some observations.  Front of bike to rear.


Short summary:  how to add ~20kg and $3000 to your bike (not including the stuff I already had).


Long summary below.


Givi Headlight Protector

Never had one on the bike, but reports of headlight replacement expense got me.  Though I have not seen one mentioned here as broken.  The Givi sits a long way from the headlight, which I guess is good for deflection but does not look the best.  Will get mud behind it for sure.


Camel ADV anti-bobble and Rally Raid Top Bar Mount

I share the Garmin XT across multiple bikes and have it mounted high on all of them, that is why I went with this – works well.


Rally Raid Handle Bar (Top) Clamp Mount

I purchased it with the other Rally Raid stuff, probably not needed.  I use one ball mount for my phone if I decide to have it out of the tank bag.  One mounted to the bar clamp was hanging around and needed to be used!



Have used them on other bikes and wanted to continue with / keep supporting them.  Note that the T7 bike specific kit needs an additional part in order to get adequate clutch perch adjustment (in my opinion) – well reported on this site.  With that it works well.

Note also that when using the Barkbusters end weights, I had to place a 2mm spacer under both end weights to clear the Yamaha OEM heated grips.  I have not seen that reported by others.  Not so critical on the left side but on the right it is needed to allow easy travel of the throttle.  I could have knocked the plastic alignment lugs off the switch gear and moved them in a bit, but elected not to.


Nelson Rigg Trails End Tank Bag

Off another bike and works well.


Yamaha OEM Engine Bars

Happy with them, lots of reporting on this site re the pros and cons of the various options.  They do have a small impact on the fitting of the Camel ADV auxiliary tank, described below.  This is because the OEM engine bars mount to the unused engine lugs on the rear of the upper crankcase.  Not all engine bars do that.


Yamaha OEM Skid Plate

Plenty of discussion on this site as to pros and cons – does the job for me.


Center Stand

I have a center stand on all my bikes, less the dirt bike.  Just something I like.  OEM, as I figure Yamaha know what they are doing.


Rally Raid 85nm Rear Spring

I probably should have gone for 90nm – jury still out.


Adventure Spec Rack and Luggage Racks

I already had Kriega OS 18 bags used on another bike and had the option to use their T7 specific soft base mounting system or something else.  Went for Adventure Spec as I did not want the weight of those bags on the side plastics.  Nicely made product and reasonably priced.  Forum member feedback on this site assisted in selection – thanks.

Note I dropped off the passenger pegs and I need a better solution for the spacer on the right side – looks cheap.  Note that this is on me, not Adventure Spec as their kit is designed to retain the passenger pegs.


Eastern Beaver Aux Power Solution

Simple solution that fits under the seat.  One power source connection to the battery, and relay that is triggered off the aux three pin connector of right side of motorcycle and then provides one, fused, un-switched circuit (I use for battery tender pig tail) and then three 10 amp switched circuits I use for:  1.  GPS; 2.  forward DIN/Powerlet/BMW plug (right side dash); 3. Lower left rear DIN.  Yes I know I could have run the GPS off the already available 2 and 3 pin OEM aux connectors.

I do not like cutting harnesses and hanging stuff off the battery, so this works very nicely for me.  I nearly went for another PDM-60 (have on another bike) but the Eastern Beaver set up is a simpler solution and vastly less expensive.


Power Outlets

Spare hole up front (right dash) to DIN plug – probably not needed but I had a spare BMW style plug.  Cigarette replaced with USB and voltmeter.  Lower left DIN for heated gear.


Camel ADV Aux Tank

Nice product and easy install.  Note the following:

·       The routing of the aux tank breather to the charcoal canister (same vicinity as the fuel supply from the aux tank to min tank) is complicated by the OEM engine bar connection point to the rear of the engine.  Required in my case running a one piece 1/4” breather line from canister to aux tank, rather than the solution provided in the kit.

·       Left side Adventure Spec side rack requires two 18mm spacers.  I cut down a leftover 40mm spacer from the Adventure Spec kit. 

·       This gives me 250 mile range from main (16 liter) and aux (5 liter) until the last bar on the gauge starts flashing – so maybe another 50-75 miles.  Could easily run out 300 miles in easy riding.

Not available at the time, but I would seriously consider the Acerbis option as well, as it provides a little more capacity; a more integrated solution; and less weight.  Con would be the weight is higher and I like using a tank bag.  Each to their own.


Overall:  I am expecting to be unemployed come December as I wind up a project and will take some time off.  Intent is to do more camping off the bike, like I did when younger.  For me the investment was worthwhile as I move from serious off-road (450 XC-W) to more leisurely stuff, readily admit that after 6 months of ownership and just 3k miles, I have over invested in this bike!  Part of the fun and hobby I guess.


I have owned a GS1100 over 20 years ago and more recently a Multistrada (the multi is not a comparison to this bike, I know).  The less weight, simplicity and cost of ownership (noting the above!) of this bike is key for me.  Now I just need to ride it.


Adventure Spec Side Rack Spacers.jpg

Anti Bobble and Raily Raid Crossbar Mount.jpg

Barkbusters Offset Mount.jpg

Easter Beaver Power Distro.jpg

Engine Bar Mount & Aux Fuel Routing.jpg

Forward DIN BMW Style Plug.jpg

Givi Headlight Protector.jpg

Lower DIN BMW Style Plug.jpg

Markbusters Bar End Spaced out.jpg

Rally Raid Handlebar Clamp.jpg

Side Rack to Aux Tank Gap about 8mm.jpg

USB and Voltmeter.jpg

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Some useful info there OP, thanks.


I decided on the R&G racks, which are basically the same set up as the AS, but the pillion solution seems better. I have used Kriega strap brackets (£19) to finish the pillion holes off and they add use too, providing another lashing point.


I've just ordered two OS12 bags and intended strapping them solely to the racks, but notice yours go across a rear rack, which I don't want/have - could you strap them using the side panels only?

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Yes you could attach the bags to the top of the side rack rather than the tube that attaches the top rack.  The bags would be lower (good) but mat foul the muffler on the right side.  That is an OS012 attached in the image which I often run on the passenger seat.  I think the 12 liter would clear the muffler, but maybe not he 18l.  That is with the Adventure Spec set up.

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4 minutes ago, TenereTragic700 said:

Yes you could attach the bags to the top of the side rack rather than the tube that attaches the top rack.  The bags would be lower (good) but mat foul the muffler on the right side.  That is an OS012 attached in the image which I often run on the passenger seat.  I think the 12 liter would clear the muffler, but maybe not he 18l.  That is with the Adventure Spec set up.


That's the exact reason I went for 12L - thanks for that!


You've got me looking at the Rally Raid site now 🤔

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