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Storm exhaust


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Hi, does anybody have experience with Storm exhaust for Tenere? If somebody has it please can you measure the muffler so I can try to figure out custom high mount.


Now it is on sale so I'm looking to buy it. Also my plan is to mount it in high position, something like hp corse sp-1


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i have one. but ill have to measure tomorrow after work.

its not as long as the original one.

but not much shorter either.


cant help but one of the photo's just wont go up straight as it is in my folders. dont know why



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@CoreCassSo as promised I'm sending pictures of mounted exhaust.




It took a little bit longer because of exhaust delivery delay but now it is finished, I'm very satisfied with result.

Exhaust is nicely tucked in without interfering with passenger pegs, stock exhaust hanger and blinker. We didn't cut or drill anything so it is back to stock in 15 min.






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o my fing god..


nice work mate. wish i was as tallanted with welding.

im but a simple plumber.. if i see this


i like your welds.  not to clean but clean.  you can see its manual and i love that

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On 12/23/2021 at 5:45 AM, ividic said:

Yes, my friend who did it is pretty talented, and also he spent quite some time to do it like this...

how did he do the mounting bracket ? from the underside ?



missed 1 picture.    id probably make a bracket so it covers 2 bolts.. but than again i dont know much about this stuff.

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That looks pretty awesome. I was planning on doing something similar with the mounting bracket for my Huzar exhaust, so something like this makes for an excellent reference point.

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@CoreCassHe did it only on one bolt but it looks sturdy, he changed original bolt to longer one to be able to make proper mounting point. And then he bended original silancer bracket which came with exhaust to have proper angle for this new mounting position. I just need to paint this distancer for bolt. I think you will see from the pictures. If you need any measurements just let me know.





With this setup I did around 100 km, 30 km off road and trying to push it a little bit just to see if everything will hold properly. So far everything ok.

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im gona go to a guy that specialisez in welding stuff.

as my welding wont be good. only if its not visual.

also i have a rear rack that thy need to keep in mind [orderd the australian no pillion rack]

but i will take all your photo's as inspiration as i like this solution more as say a camel exhoust or husar's

even if camel has a nice way of hanging it 😛  no pun intended


i do use other camel products so its just my vision here does not align

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Anyone with new thoughts on this exhaust?

Just saw that it's on sale on Ebay for a good price. I primarily want it to have more space to the swingarm and less risk of bending the exhaust bracket. I'm just not the biggest fan of the small exhaust exit.

Does it get much louder over time? and how is it on 130kp/h? does it drone/scream? 😄


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Hi, I did around 12000 km with this setup. Also a lot of off-road and everything is as from the first day so I'm pretty satisfied. Regarding the silencer itself, the sound is almost the same as OEM. I have kept DB killer inside. Only change that I did is put some heat protection near rider pegs.


I don't know if this is important for you, but in EU this exhaust is street legal so I don't need to mess with mounting OEM for registration.

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