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Tubeless sealant option


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Just got done sealing my T7's rear rim using this method, so now I'll run tubeless:


KTM 990 Tubeless - cyb (smugmug.com)



Took only about 1/3 tube of each sealant, and each spoke nipple is now well sealed. Then I spooned on my first-ever pair of Battlax AX41 tires, finding the rear to be one of the easiest tires I've ever installed (second only to TKC80s). After the tire had sat in my 58 degree F shop for days, the first bead went onto the rim with just hand pressure and the second took just a bit of work with a short tire iron (using good lube, of course). Totally different experience than the several sets of Dunlops I've last changed out on my GS.


Looking forward to trying these out soon both on- and off-road.  



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Did you get a chance to ride on the Battlax tires? I’m curious to see your impressions.


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19 hours ago, Bmp4510 said:

Did you get a chance to ride on the Battlax tires? I’m curious to see your impressions.



Yep, a couple of rides on/off-road and only about 300 miles total on them so far. So far, nothing not to like. No slippage from either tire as hard as I've pushed them in tight paved twisties. No complaints in the bit of mud, rocks and gravel I've been able to ride so far off-road. The rear is still very controllable and fun when spinning it up a bit exiting dirt corners. All riding done at the OEM recommended pressures of 32 F, 36 R, and the rear rim tubeless conversion is working perfectly. I wear earplugs all the time when riding, and can sometimes hear just a little bit of noise from them compared to the quiet Rally STRs.


Obviously not much time with them yet, but so far they're as good as everything I read in all my research before buying. The decision was down to these and Anakee Wilds, but I couldn't find a front Wild in stock anywhere and the AX41s were more attractive price-wise. A softer compound that sticks well on cold/wet pavement was a very important consideration for me as I ride year round. After my experience last year with my GS's super hard compound rear Dunlop Mission sliding on cold/wet paved roads, I won't compromise my safety to gain some extra miles and confidence in my tires is too important. 


I went into this knowing what seemed to be a common downside was life of the rear AX41, so that remains to be seen. I plan on riding some state forest roads after we get some snow around here (love exploring there with a couple inches on the ground), and will see how they do then. 



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Thanks jdub, I appreciate the review. You have definitely helped my decision process.

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