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Acerbis chain guide

Columbo John

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I've been a busy boy over Christmas.......... please see my other posts 😀

First thing I fitted was an Acerbis chain guide. These are especially useful if doing big trips when you may be using a chain and sprockets that are passed their best. It is just a bit if security for keeping the chain in place.

The kit for the Tenere is spot on, everything fits well and all the nuts, bolts and spacers are the reasonable quality and the correct length. The swing arm is tapped on the underside to take a chain guide already, the only thing I did was run a tap through these holes to take out any muck seeing as they don't have any plugs in them from the factory to keep the dirt out.


An added bonus I think, is that it looks quite good in blue 😀 They are also available in black I believe.


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I knew I should have registered a design for the adapter!!! I did this in July 2020 and it is still on the bike.




still no sign of the OEM in Oz so I did this


Fabricated a bracket from 25 x 25 x 6 aluminium angle. This is version 1. If it works OK I will fine tune a new bracket. It took me about 2 hours of fiddling last night and a bit of paint this morning. The holes drilled are all 6.5mm. The two where it mounts to the swing arm need to be carefully slotted to allow for alignment with the chain. There isn't much room but it will keep the chain running straight. I also had to carefully remove some plastic from adjacent to the mounting holes to get the angle to sit flat and snug.

 Test ride tomorrow.











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Alcohol! No good story starts with a salad.

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