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AltRider foot pegs


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I installed a set of AltRider foot pegs mounted to the T7! They are quite a bit wider than stock and seem to have “just right” sharpness of teeth. I don’t expect them to tear my boots up but should maintain good traction. 


These say that they are universal, I believe they fit some Yamaha and some ktm models. But, because of how their designed, it seems I was able to fit them in a manner that lowers them from the stock position. For a disclaimer- I don’t think they were intended to be mounted this way and I may suffer them taking on a little extra wear from the aluminum peg itself rubbing against the peg mount (only when pivoted in the upwards direction, like in a fall) instead of on the bushings their probably supposed to pivot on. Then again, maybe not, because that’s how I’ve seen many other pegs on bikes mounted too. Either way,  I just couldn’t help myself and had to go this route- as I wanted a set of quality pegs AND a little bit lower (1/4”). I’ll have to make sure I keep them lubed up good. 


The quality seems great, there is no funky machining marks on them like I’ve seen on some other brands, no rough edges etc. That and they have a bolt on the back side with several extra washers to give the ability to pretty much infinitely adjust their angle up or down. They also come with stronger springs than stock.


Great kit! 


















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Thanks for the review and pictures.  I may be getting a set of pegs soon and this really helps.  I like the size as I think the factory pegs are too short.  These look great.  

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I just ordered Pivot Pegz after many hours of reading/research. I discovered a 10% discount code - PM if you're interested.

Like Alt Rider above, I may end up using the lower installation. I just installed Rally seat, and I like what that's done for my position.

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They look like aluminium?  Not ideal for a peg. Also shape / design is weak due to no cross brace.

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