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Foam filter options


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Only trouble now is that mail is not coming from OZ to Canada, I'm waiting for a small packet from a vendor & he has said he will keep trying every week till end of Feb. After that a refund to my OZ credit card.

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If you ever find a Canadian source for these post it up.  I have a UNI on the shelf right now but would like to get a second foam filter eventually.  

Ordering from overseas is just something I don't want to do if possible.


I like that the funnel web uses foam to seal at the airbox cover.  Nothing wrong with the Uni rubber, but the foam on the Funnel web looks like a better choice.




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Agree with the lot of you. What a cluster duck this panic stricken world has become such that faith in global shipping has so swiftly gone down the toilet. 
  Running a Uni filter with twin air on top myself but this foam seal edge & simplicity of plug in pre filter definitely appeals.

   Hopefully some Canuck &/or US suppliers eventually make it available.

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I just called www.funnelwebfilterusa.com and they confirmed they have never carried the t7 filter but said maybe I could order it from their AU warehouse.

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As of last summer due to trademark restrictions Funnelwebfilters has been unable to sell their filters outside Australia, but were working on a solution...John @ Funnelwebfilters in Australia shipped the combo kit to me in Vancouver for evaluation...they now make 2 pre-filter styles, 1 for snorkel delete which can be susceptible to water ingress & 1 for fitment to the snorkel...I have been able to test both...my full review can be read on my blog here: 



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