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Another suspension thread - Upgrades / Help and Advice


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I'm writing this post to seek help and advice. I participated in a soft enduro event last saturday , around 140km off-road.

Regarding existing suspension on my bike, I have fitted an spring to the rear shock to match my weight. I have also tested many settings on compression/rebound, and I tought it was OK, until I tested in a enduro event 🙂


I feel like the bike is always bottoming out the suspension stroke, which, off course, send me flying off the bike LOL


I have searched for solutions to replace the suspension of the bike.

I know Ohlins (whos doesn't), tractive, rally raid and touratech. Ohlins seems to be the the standard when people go to upgrade their suspensions. Tractive suspensions seems to performe very well and seems that they provide to RallyRaid and Touratech (is that right)?


Here is the cartridge and shock that I liked based on what I found regarding performance:



Twin Piston PDS X-TREME RALLY (230 mm) Long Travel Shock Yamaha Tenere 700, black anodised   Tractive Suspension has probably developed the…



Tractive Suspension X-TREME RALLY LONG TRAVEL 230 mm Closed-cartridge BLACK for the Yamaha Tenere 700   Tractive offers an excellent…


Is this a good choise? What do you have?

There isn't a suspension to to everything, I know, but I use the T7 50/50 Solo/Pillion and 50/50 On/Off road.


PS 1 : Rally Raid is almost out of question because I live in Portugal, and to Buy in UK, I have to pay import taxes...

PS 2 : My weight is 128KG and height 186cm (so the +30mm is good)

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