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Recommended springs/shocks? Really heavy rider.


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Ok, so like many, I'm having some trouble finding springs.  I don't have access to a local suspension specialist, and the local shops are basically just "A parts guy who will order the part number you give him" but not actually helpful in determining what I need. 


I'm 300lbs, before gear/luggage.  In Canada, so buying from two separate US based vendors will cost me a HUGE premium in shipping and import costs - I did this on my Tracer, and ended up paying around $200 CDN just to get the springs to my door, not considering the cost of the springs themselves.


However, I've been having a rough time determining what I need.  I am *NOT* an experienced offroad rider, and honestly have never had a properly set up suspension - that lack of a suspension specialist - so I simply don't know what "right" feels like.  Even on road, while I'm an experienced rider, the Tracer is the first bike I've ever bought springs for.  For me, a heavily overloaded suspension is just what bikes feel like.  To this day, I've no idea if it's set up correctly or not, but I've followed guides there in getting the sag correct, and adjusting the rebound and compression (again, not knowing how it should feel makes that very difficult). 


So, I must admit, reading suspension threads is extremely frustrating.  "Adjust to taste" is meaningless.  "See your local suspension specialist" is not helpful without a local suspension specialist recommendation.  At least on the Tracer, I could set it up in such a manner as to be ridable because I'm very experienced on the street, but my only real offroad riding experience is on the T7 with it's stock springs.  


I can't afford to do some thousand+ dollar full rebuild/replacement of the shocks/forks, that's just right out of the question.  I'm working in a budget of about $500CDN here.


Looking at Racetech's website, they recommend: 


Racetech Recommended Front: 0.84kg/mm 7.71N (they have at max  0.71kg/mm front, pretty far under what I need)
Racetech Recommended Rear: 10.41kg/mm 95.6N (they have 10.5kg/mm 96.43N rear)


Other manufacturers: 

Stoltec has 0.80kg/mm 7.35N fronts, no rear


KTech has 0.75kg/mm 6.9N front and 10.34kg/mm 95N rear, closer on the front but still pretty low.


RallyRaid also has 10.34kg/mm 95N rear, but again no front.


Any other vendors I'm missing?  I need someone with drop in springs, as I'd pull the forks/shock to have a local shop swap them, and they won't make custom shims or spacers.  

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If you peruse my thread here regarding springs and T7 suspension....you will see some advice on the topic....some very good advice regarding spring specs as well as drop in fitment vs requiring spacers etc.


Rally Raid springs are drop in fitment...avail from Rocky Mtn in the US or from RallyRaid themselves in the UK.


KTech springs also a drop in fir and available in the US or in Canada.


Gonna pay for them...iswutitis...I ordered Rally Raid springs from Rocky Mtn in the US ...they were in stock as well as shipping from the UK was going to be $150cdn 🙄  and using UPS whom I despise


Beware that Racetech springs are significantly shorter both shock and forks...you will need to use spacers and collars etc to make them work...as well this may complicate air gap and oil volume settings .....something to think about if the lil bit extra $$ when buying the correct drop in springs bothers you

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 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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I would go with a Ktech 95N rear and 6.9N front.  

Quick calculations shows it should have no issue with your weight and still have adjustment left to deal with luggage.


I am 220lbs running 6.3N front springs and I get 60mm sag with no additional spacers up front.  I think the 6.9 will handle your weight fine and if they are giving you more sag than you want just make a 5mm spacer and drop it in to lift it up a bit.

Before I got springs I just made a couple out of an old hockey puck.  No need to buy any special spacers form anyone unless you want to spend the money.


I personally don't put a lot of faith in the race tech calculator.  I think that 7.71N recommendation is wrong.  Far too stiff in my estimation.


As mentioned in other topics if you want Ktech springs you can order from Bayside performance in Vancouver.  Look up the part numbers you want on the Ktech usa website and send them a message through their website.  They will give you a delivered price.  No customs or brokerage fees to worry about.

Last year it cost me a bit less than $400 for both shipped to Nova Scotia.


I would suggest looking through the Tenere 700 suspension thread on ADV rider.  Probably close to 40 pages on suspension.  You will probably find someone near your weight listing what they have.  I remember someone around 285lbs asking if the Ktech 95N would be good, and the answer was it would carry him with no issue and adjustment left for luggage.  Join adv rider and ask for suggestions there.  Much bigger group to draw from.


Springs are pretty easy, but if you need someone to install your stuff there was a guy on there from Calgary who uses Direct suspension services in Calgary for his bikes.  Look them up. 


Direct Suspension Services is a Canada based WP Authorized Center servicing all of your motorcycle, dirt bike, and snow bike suspension needs!





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Call me today. 306-716-3760 My name is Curtis and I can help you with some direction on your suspension. If you are looking for suspension experts, we can help. www.rg3westerncanada.com

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@Wintersdark Hey, so I am heavier than you (350lbs) and I picked up the 10.5 rear from Racetech. I went with the 6.9 fronts, but have jacked the pre-load using the Rally raid spacers (12mm of spacers). Not ideal but a lot better than stock.


I am also located in Calgary, if you want to align offline and see if my set up is in line with what you're looking for.


I also picked up a 9.5 N Rear from Off the road, which I will not be using if you want to to take it off my hands? I'd charge you just the cost of the spring and I'll eat the shipping cost I paid previously if we do face to face.


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