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IMS Core Rally footpegs


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Anyone put a set of IMS Rally foot pegs on that can take a picture of the return spring location 

I installed a set tonight and broke the spring when I tested folding them in after installing .

Now I am not sure if I installed correctly or just got a bad spring 



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They should have used the oem spring??  or did they come with their own springs?


 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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Here's a pic of my left footpeg.  I have IMS pegs, but not the Rally ones, but installation is the same and straightforward.   I'm not 100% sure, but I think I used the OEM springs.

Left foot peg.jpg

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I know this is an old thread but I have  IMs core think they are the enduro pegs in what I believe are the stock peg brackets. Would that be possible or correct? I would like to keep the pegs they seem really nice. Anyone know of a lowering bracket and maybe back a little that would work with these? I am 6ft 4 in with 36 inch inseam so with my eu rally one piece seat I gain 1/2-2/3 inch and then lower the pegs a bit should be gtg. Thanks

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Called IMS they were helpful and answered my question. The pegs they make fir oem and so any lowered mount with oem dimentions should work. Any rec for a good peg lowering bracket? Long legs with 36 inch inseam. Thanks

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