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This story starts back in February of 2021….  


Sick of being inside with all the Covid restrictions, I wanted to get outside and explore my beautiful state of Utah.  I’ve lived here for 10 years but between work and family and other commitments, I really haven’t seen as much of the state as I’d like.  I’m a new rider and decided to start out with a smaller bike like a CRF300 or a WR250R but after talking to some friends about the kind of riding I thought I’d be doing, decided to level up and get a bigger bike.  I tried and tried to find a bike I could test ride or even just look at in person but there wasn’t a dealer within 200 miles that had one in stock.  The prices were all over the place too….  I finally found a dealer that was wasn’t going to gouge me and put a deposit down.  Initially, I was told the bike would be ready in August…..then October…..then December…..then January.


I finally got a call on Valentine’s Day  and was able to pick up the bike on February 19th! 





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I had been planning and postponing rides with friends every time my delivery date slipped.  In December I was trying to decide on a lightweight option for carrying a few things and finally decided just to go with a rear rack.  I picked up a Rear Compact Rack from B&B Offroad…via Pro Cycle.  Figured I could just strap a duffel bag to the bag with a jacket, water etc..  I also got the pillion handle option figuring it would help me man handle the bike in case of a fall.


Got a chance to install it on 2/27/22.  The rack is super well built and finished.  The installation took me about 45 minutes and was pretty straightforward.  Had to remove the seat and rear plastics and then do a bit of cutting (of the plastic tray under the rear plastics)  in order to fit a heavy duty metal bracket.  All in all, the thing is pretty damn solid.






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Double header on 2/27/22….  After the wrap on the B&B rack, I went on to the Bark Busters.  Got these from Pro Cycle as well.  Standard black on black VPS.  Installation was simple enough….got hung up a bit on the clutch side bar insert, but finally got it sorted.  




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Ok, last of the mods prior to hitting Moab….


Although I haven’t dropped the bike yet, I know it’s coming….  


I was looking for something that was minimalistic but still sturdy enough to protect the bike.  After some searching around, I decided on the SW Motech lower crash bars.  On this forum and ADVRider, there was a lot of info on the other brands but not much related to the SW Motech bars…at least specific to T7s. 


The fit and finish on the bars is great.  All hardware was included.  Installation took longer than I’d like…about 2.5 hours.  It wasn’t difficult but it was a bit fiddly…. It took me a bit of trial and error as I tried to line up the hardware and tighten and torque properly.  


Installation required removing (or at least loosening) the right side fairing plastics in order to get at the correct bolts.  The left side didn’t require loosening or removing the fairing.   There are three mounting locations on each side….two mount to the engine and the third mounts to a metal brace which runs across the front of the engine.  The brace itself is mounted to the tubular frame on both sides.


I had a couple clearance issues where I rubbed the fairing plastic or the horn got in the way but it was fairly easy to work around and nothing got damaged.  


I hate to say it but I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how well they do or don’t work and will report back either way….


I ran out of light and it started raining…then snowing so…. I didn’t get pictures of the process.  I’ll grab some tomorrow and post them up.

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Left side shown with mounting points




Left side mounting point spacers 




The metal bracket that runs across the front of the engine secures to the tubular frame on both sides and then provides a third mounting point for the crash bar on both sides.




The right side required loosening/removing the right side fairing.




Right side mounting points.  Spacers on right side are shorter than spacers on left side.




From the rider view, they stick out a bit more than I'd like




The largest gap between bar and fairing is about 2.5 inches



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I’m not sure if I’m jealous of your glossy black ‘22 model, or glad I don’t have to clean it! 😆


Congrats on the new bike and nice write up! 

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Prior to hitting Moab(3/17/22), I decided to change out the factory tires for a more dirt oriented setup.  Many thanks to Kyle Bradshaw for the in-depth research and reporting on different tire types and configurations.   


Based on his recommendations, I decided to go with the Motoz Tractionator GPS on the rear (150/70-18)...installed in the normal street orientation.



For the front, went with the Motoz Tractionator Dual Venture Tubeless (90/90-21).



It was my first time really taking the bike off road so I have very little to compare to but I thought the tires did great.  I do wonder how different the rear would have been in the "off-road" configuration but really, I have no complaints.  Spent about a day and a half between dirt, gravel, sand(whoa!), rock and pavement(120 miles) and felt confident in tires the whole time.  If anything, the limiting factor here were my skills and abilities.  


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  • 3 months later...

During the Moab trip in March, I dropped the bike while navigating some deep rutted mud....  Broke the front fender clean through on both sides where it mounts to the shock protectors.  Back in March, no one had the fenders so I placed a backorder with Partzilla...  Good ol' duct tape kept the thing in place during my weekend rides and commuting since then...  



...and lo and behold....four months later...the fender finally came in and I got to install last night...





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  • 2 months later...

After multiple off road adventures, I decided the stock suspension was just too soft for my weight and the weight of my equipment on the bike.  After much research here and on other forums, I decided to purchase the

  • Rally Raid Adventure Open Cartridge Fork Kit-RRP616 (6.4Nm)
  • T7 Uprated OEM Shock Spring-RRP 627 (90Nm)  

I was shocked by how fast Rally Raid shipped the equipment and I received it...it was less than two weeks.  A local shop installed for me and I've just taken my inaugural ride.   On the street, the difference is pretty stark....firm but good.  Feels more planted for sure...  As for off road, more to come...

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