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Crash Bar Sliders / SRC Crash Bars


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I am wondering why I don't see people installing sliders in their crash bars. They are cheap and can prevent a lot of damage to the crash bars. The sliders are cheap to replace, unlike the crash bars.


In my 34 years riding I have never crashed or fallen off a bike. Not bragging, I am sure that will change really fast ince I start riding off road. Which I am sure Inwill do a lot off in Central and South America. But I have dropped two bikes.


My first a new Katana 750 back in 1999 and my T7 last year. I got on my bike and pulled up a bit too hard and the bike went over the opposite side a bit too much. It go to the point where I stopped it from falling but I could not pick her back up. So with all the love in the world I laid her down on the ground. As gingerly as possible. One of the sliders too the load and got scratched (picture), nothing too bad. But that could had been the crash bars.




I have seen many pictures of T7's with crash bars but no sliders. So my curiosity nerve starts acting up. Why is that? Do people know about them? In a fall they don't help? Or do they cause more damage? I know that on street bikes some people don't like them because they claim that the bike can slide for two long.


I got the SRC top and bottom crash bars. i go them after watching a video of some guy on a T7 having a really bad crash and the bike had very little damage. The bars took the hit. I was impressment. They send you a slider for each bar. But I want to install a couple more per side.




They come in different sizes and shapes and colors. Some say "Tenere" on them. They range between 15-30 bucks for a pair.





Here is the video of the crash. Zero damage to the bike. You can see how

the slider took a lot of the damage. All that could had been on the bars. 



Have a blessed day and ride! 


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