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Tank Bag- Giant Loop Fandango


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I went big on the tank bag for two reasons. 1 like to have room to carry essentials for a ride but not enough to warrant mounting my panniers. 2. Big extra storage to use as a tail bag.  The Giant Loop Fandango is voluminous and adaptable. Here is my review. 


Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review: We added it versatile cargo carrier to the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700...

 comments always welcome. 

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I just attached and rode with my new Giant Loop Fandango tankbag on the T7 for the first time today, and am very pleased.


I've been using a Wolfman Blackhawk (also 8 liters, like the Fandango) interchangeably on both the T7 and my R1200GS (also use a big Wolfman Rainier for GS long distance road-only trips; handy as the Rainier and Blackhawk share the same mount straps/buckles). This worked fine until I mounted a Acerbis 23 liter tank on the T7, but the slightly higher front/top of the Acerbis made for Blackhawk tankbag buckle interference with the handlebars.  The Blackhawk will be posted for sale soon, with a pic of it posted on the OEM tank below: 




I previously used a Giant Loop Diablo tankbag for a while on my old DR650 and liked it a lot, but the old GL design of a single zipper on either side of the harness/base and tankbag made for a very frustrating experience when trying to reattach the left zipper after a fuel stop. The newer Giant Loop design with a single U-shaped zipper fixes the old issue, and makes a great tankbag design even better.


The Fandango fits perfectly and securely on the T7, and with the tankbag's fuel cap "tunnel" at the front works perfectly with the Acerbis internally-vented lockable gas cap. With the base positioned as far forward as practical, I barely contacted the tankbag while standing off-road even when leaned forward a bit ascending some hills.


Two thumbs up for the T7/Acerbis/Fandango combination!



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Nice review!

Before selling the other tank bag, consider using it as a tail bag ??


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Thanks. I saw your review's comments about using the tankbag as a tailbag, but I already have a well-used Wolfman Peak tailbag for just that purpose. 

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