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LeoVince headers fit and weight


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I was happy with my stock headers and an Arrow slip on, but I decided to change it up.  I wanted to get one of the high exhaust set ups so when riding without pannier racks, I am less likely to damage the exhaust and swing arm when it falls on the right side.  I ordered the HP Corse high mount exhaust which will be here soon, and I've already installed LeoVince stainless headers (currently paired with the Arrow slip on).  I wasn't sure if the headers would have clearance issues with my Outback Motortek skid plate (which I love), but figured I would roll the dice.  There is only one part of the OM skid plate that has an issue, and it's easy to fix.  The skid plate has a little square protrusion that sticks up, providing more coverage for the headers.  This little square needed to be bent out, away from the headers (toward the front of the bike) about 35 degrees.  I just stuck the square section into a vice and bent it out.  Now it fits perfectly IMO -- see photos.  You can see the original angle of the square portion near where it meets the main part of the skid plate.


If anyone is curious about the weight savings, the stock header weighs 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) and the LeoVince weighs 3.8 pounds (1.7 kg)... so about half the weight.


It sounds great too -- a bit louder than the stock headers with the Arrow slip on, and a bit throatier.  While I was addressing the exhaust, I went ahead and installed the Mob Up air filter lid to go with my Guglatech filter, and got the 2WD ECU tune to complete the package.  I am happy with the results.





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Whatcha doing with the Arrow muffler?

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@Black Dog Moto I'm planning to sell it, along with a bunch of other stuff that I've changed up and no longer need.  It has a small spot with scratches from a bolt that held a Mosko Moto wedge on my pannier rack.  The bolt didn't have quite enough clearance for bumpy trails.  The muffler is 100% functional though, and sounds amazing.  If you're interested I can send photos.  

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