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Very happy with my SC Comfort Tall


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Just to mention that I am very happy with my Seat Concepts Comfort Tall that I received earlier this spring. (No affiliation.)


It sits snugly on the bike:



Previously, on other bikes I have tried Kahedo and Touratech. But the one I have now is by far better (to my rear end) than the other two. I did consider Touratech this time around, but decided to try Seat Concepts mainly for two reasons: 1) The wider sitting area starts a little further ahead on SC compared to Touratech, and 2) I think the SC Comfort Tall is a about one centimeter lower than the Touratech Tall version (3 cm rather than 4 cm taller than standard).


For me the comfort is excellent on this seat.


Should I point to one minor thing that perhaps could have been even a litter better, it would be to mention that there is one small area in the front that doesn't seem 100 percent ironed out:






But as one sees, the seat sits very snug also in this area, and it absolutely doesn't bother me at all. Wouldn't change this seat for anything.


I should mention that I am 185 cm / 6 feet tall, and the length of my jeans is 32'. I use the bike almost only on roads. Should I go off-road, then I would put on the OEM seat.


Another thing: With the original seat and standard windshield, to me comfort is very fine, regarding wind and noise. Not entirely the same with my new taller seat. But then I learned from a post by Jdub  that one could try one of these (see below) to mitigate buffeting and noise, so as I had one still sitting on my old 660Z I decided to try it on the T7:










So now all good! With this set-up I will be able to ride multiple days with 10 hours in the saddle! 🙂


Had been raining today, as you see. Still, my little man and I were out for a trip 👍



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  • Chev. changed the title to Very happy with my SC Comfort Tall

These ADV bikes are just getting bigger and bigger, soon we’ll need ladders to climb on 😜 😀





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2 hours ago, Alf Meister said:

These ADV bikes are just getting bigger and bigger, soon we’ll need ladders to climb on 😜

👍 Ha, ha! 👍

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Perhaps I also should mention that with this seat I'm just able to flatfoot simultaneously on both sides.


As mentioned above I'm 185 cm / 6 feet, and my jeans are with 32' inseam. (Suspension preload setting unchanged from new.)


I'm not able to flatfoot on my 660 Tenere with the Kahedo 4 CM taller seat (the bike that I now will sell).

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I also bought the same seat and it was a game changer (for the better) for me.

Previously I used the Yamaha Rally Seat, it's a good looking seat and the height was ok, but it's too narrow and after an hour of riding I was struggling and start to feel my legs tingling.

With this SC seat I can ride for 4 or 5 hours with no problems.


Another thing I noticed it that with this seat my knee angle changed a little bit and I'm also more comfortable to use my rear brake and the gear lever.


At first I thought like you to use SC seat on long trips and the Rally seat for small trips or commuting, but after I mounted the new seat I understood that I would never use the Rally seat again because also on offroad it's perfectly fine.

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