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Hepco & Becker crash bar bolts short


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Anyone who has fitted Hepco & Becker crash bars really needs to put longer bolts in, I discovered on my 4 week old T7 that the bolt has stripped and pulled the thread out of the engine, I will be repairing that with a Heli coil, never dropped the bike, but I did use the bars as tie down points to transport it. the bolts supplied are too short and only thread in by lesser than 10mm, way too short to support crash bars and an engine that is essentially part of the frame, I suggest getting new bolts that are 10mm longer than those supplied, and make sure you use a good quality copper grease to stop corrosion.




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I have Dirtracks bars.  They bolt to the frame and not the engine.  No trouble with them so far.  Good advice on the H.B. bars @B-4.

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So now that I'm aware of some of the issues with the H&B crash bars, should I consider replacing them with something else?


I've had mine on for nearly two years with no problems or issues, but then again I haven't dropped or crashed my T7. 


I don't like the fact that they mount to the engine.  I suppose I knew this when I bought them but didn't really think too much about it.  I think maybe I got lucky for two years and should change them out while I can with other bars that mount to the frame and not the engine. 

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We’re you able to find the longer bolts? I had the same problem (stripped out, heli coils to the rescue) however I regularly drop my bike as part of the terrain I ride. I’ve had no luck finding M12x1.25x110 socket head cap bolts anywhere ie 10mm longer then what is supplied. Does anyone in US, Canada, or Europe have any idea where we could get the exact bolts, just 10mm longer or so?

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