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Recently replaced both front and rear tyres, on the rear I went again for Motoz Tractionator Adventure, noisy, not too bad on road dependable and excellent off road, for the front I replaced Motoz Tractionator Adventure with Goldentyre GT823KH, the Motoz was, well, pretty good off road but on road it really didn't give me that much confidence, so I was looking for something closer to filling that void but still looking like a decent off road option, reading the Golden tyre blurb I thought I'd give em a go.

They mentioned great "road manners" time may yet let this tyre settle in and live up to that description but as yet if anything it is very similar to the Motoz in being squirmy and following road ruts and lines, perhaps more so, cornering seems slightly better, hard braking you can feel the tyre slip even with ABS on, this my change as it wears the edges off.

Off road it is as good if not better than the Motoz, things are very wet and muddy here and the Golden tyre was excellent, I was extremely impressed, I've kept it at road pressure 34kpa and never felt that I needed to lower, the Motoz seemed to have a mind of its own at times but the Golden tyre tracks well and pretty much goes where you point it.

I'll post another review as it wears in.





I've put about 500km on this tyre now and I'm happy to report that road handling has improved a great deal and seems to getting better with even more wear, pretty good for an aggressive knobby pattern, as for off-road it's awesome, rips through sandy sections with ease and confidence, no airing down keeping 34psi, makes the Motoz Tractionator look very bad indeed.

Another update,

Not much more than 2000km and the Golden tyre has quite severe scollaping on the rear side of the treads, not so unexpected with such an aggresive knobby pattern, but this tyre wears out very fast and now handles quite poorly off road, was great, now it's crap, won't be replacing with the same.







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