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Recently got my T700 and wanted to fit an auto chain oiler, there are loads of videos and how its done posts but I wanted to try a slightly different approach.

One of the issues is that the reservoir needs to be kept as vertical as possible so I wanted a secure place with access to the flow control, and easy filling.

The standard mounting point for the Tuturo oiler is on the rear passenger pillion foot peg hanger, this didnt appeal and I wanted to try and keep it out of the way.


Under the seat is a space for it to mount but one of the fuse boxes is in the way, after lots of measuring and searching for brackets, I made my own bracket out of a plastic shim which I filed down from 5mm to 4mm so it slots into the fuse box recess.

I used a small right angle bracket from the install bits and bolted it to the shim and to an adjacent bolt. The fuse box is now out of the way - see pictures, leaving plenty of space for the oil reservoir.

To mount the oiler reservoir I used a spring clip (1 1/4", I wanted 1 1/2" but there was no stock anywhere round here) which is bolted through the plastic under seat tray, to prevent the feed pipe getting kinked I used a piece of pre-formed fuel pipe to give the oil feed tube a smooth bend and prevent it getting compressed.

It was then just a case of routing the tube to the rear sprocket, fixing as required. I did have to drill out one of the existing holes in the battery tray to 5.5 mm to feed the tube through.

The oiler primes with a magnet on the lid, so after checking the route for kinks, I filled the oiler and attached the priming magnet. Open the valve 4 turns and wait patiently for the blue oil to flow down to the nozzle.

It worked great with no leaks or air locks.

Battery fits in, seat clips back in (Rally seat so that bit is untrue, I had to wrestle with it as usual because its a swine to refit, not because of anything I had done).

I did have to bend one side of the spring clip to stop it pushing against the other fuse box.


Filling the reservoir is easy because I can unclip it and pour the oil in over a cloth or spillage tray, I also need to check the flow setting on a run.

Let me know if you want any more info.










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