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T7 OEM Side Pannier Racks


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I recently came into a set of really well made but no-name hard panniers for my T7.

Unfortunately it came with a KTM Specific rack and no opportunity for any other bike.


The Yamaha Racks appear to be a really good candidate for a match, (Minus the Givi additions) (Just the tubular loops)


I'm hoping a kind hearted  inmate here can give me a few dimensions of the steel loops so I can evaluate before paying the $500 for a set.

If it works or can be modified, also in the market for a set.


See my sketch attached. 


Thanks to all for the endless pearls of wisdom.




T7 Rack.jpg

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Sorry, Last one is 'C' Which is the offset in the shaped tube to match the cutout in the pannier.



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I took a tape measure and this is what I found.


A= 9-1/8"

B= 13-3/4"

C= 2-5/16"

D= 3/4"

E= Yes, bolted with two bolts passing thru the tube.


I am sure they were built to "metric" specifications, so my number are just approximations.


Best of luck to you,



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