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Heed bunker crash report


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Hey guys,

Last weekend I had a whole day of riding fun, after coming home I decided to do another evening ride with a friend.

We just planned on doing some offroad route and see where we ended up. Got into a pretty deceiving section of double tracks with very irregular humps and holes.

I got through the worst of it and got confident, sped up too much and while standing I didn't see a very deep hole until it was too late, I can't exactly recall what I did that cause me to go over the middle ridge of the double track like a ramp but I certainly did. Me and my bike both got thrown into a ditch that later turned out to be a pretty deep slope. Now as for the damages. Bike got out almost completely unscathed, the heed bunker crashbars seemed to have taken almost all of the force and bent itself at the front bracket point underneath the headlight shroud. The whole side part of the crashbars seems to be unharmed but it's difficult to judge while they're still installed. I will take the bars off soon to evaluate and decide what I'll do with them. I'm thinking that I might be able to straighten the attachment plates underneath the head shroud and reinstall the kit somewhat back aligned. Another thing I thought of was just buying those small plates separately through Heed themselves but I quickly looked on their website and didn't see the option for small parts. 


In the end I think this is about the best you can expect a crashbar to behave, it absorbed the brunt of the force and should be treated like a disposable part. If I can manage to straighten the attachment plates I might get out of this pretty much cost free. My handlebar is apparently bent slightly but it's hard to notice. Bike got realigned and is absolutely fine.   


Some pictures to give you an idea, I was riding about 40-50kph at the time of my crash and I'm fairly certain my bike made a bit of airtime.







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1st, glad you are okay enough to be here to talk about it


2nd, honestly those bars look "good" after your launch...


keep us updated once you tear into it.

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Yeah, definitely good there were no injuries. Also, good to hear the bars held up well. I'm waiting on my set of bunkers with the storage bags currently. They just got to customs in the US so hopefully not long to wait. 

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Good to hear both you and the bike are ok!

Bars have done their job 👍

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Put the bike in for a check up to see if I missed anything. No damages besides the handlebar that did apparently get knocked a tiny bit. He said it's barely noticeable so doesn't advice to do anything about it. the bike got re-aligned so there's nothing wrong there. Only now when I look down I'm noticing it and it's messing with my head.


Also noticed the clamp that holds the handlebar down seems to not be aligned right, not sure if this is because of the knock or what.

Anyone have experience with fixing up a crooked handlebar, or first things I can try to get it sitting right again?




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