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FunnelWebFilter Pre & Main Filters


Thanks John Rickman @ FunnelWebFilter based in Australia who is sending me their recently developed Tenere 700 Pre & Main Foam Filters for evaluation, as sales are currently restricted outside of Australia because of Trademark restrictions, as of June 2022, however, they should have it sorted out for international sales later this year. RideADV, an Australian Tour Company with a fleet of high mileage Tenere 700s now prefers them over the UniFilter as does Josh @ MVDBR Enduro (see videos below). 
The filters arrived 3 days before I depart on a 3k km trip July 28 throughout central & south British Columbia, Canada😀 & am looking forward to evaluating their performance vs the Guglatech Ultra 4 Air Filter I'm currently using, in particular the pre-filter, as about 1/3 of my trip will be mostly dusty FSR.  Main filter & pre-filter can be bought separately or as a kit. Initial quality looks good, utilizing flexible stiffeners in 3 places on the main filter + 1 on the pre-filter which has a molded hard plastic base with cutouts to press into the space vacated by removal of the oem air filter snorkel that pulls out of the air filter lid without tools or cutting.  FunnelWebFilter has put some thought into improving the filter to filter box lid interface to improve sealing & prevent warping of the lid, placing more durable material in the high friction zones (see Josh's video below) & the unique "Hedgehog inspired" pyramid shaped filter design that increases surface area which benefits air flow & service duty length + riders will appreciate the ease of access for the pre-filter resulting from a press in design into the air filter lid where the snorkel previously attached. 
The kit includes gloves as they are not pre-oiled...I used No-Toil Evolution Biodegradable Filter Oil & Filter Grease (link below)...I tried to be gentle with hand manipulation working the oil in as evenly as possible from the outside surface & did notice that the middle portion of the main filter glued seam started to separate slightly on the outside....but is still serviceable & has not completely let go....perhaps just a one off as others have not reported this as of yet & there seems to be a strong following developing in the Tenere 700 community, particularly within Australia, as a viable alternative to UniFilter & other aftermarket filters for riders wanting improved filtration & performance in a reusable format.
20220725_123810.jpg 20220725_124955.jpg
Using No-Toil Evolution Biodegradable Filter Oil & Grease (see below)
The middle portion of the main filter seam started to separate on the outside surface during the 1st oiling.
The snorkel can easily be removed by applying light pressure to each corner pushing from the inside, once each ridge has been popped from fully seated it lifts out.
The pre-filter just press fits into the lid opening. I was anticipating that the pre-filter hard plastic base would fit into the lid opening with the 2 longer front & back lid pins & the shorter side pins aiding location & preventing rotation, however, it appears to be a butt style joint sitting on top of the lid opening with the longer pins fitting into the mated holes in the filter base.  Sealing & holding the filter in place is mostly via the friction fit of the foam extending through the lid hole into the airbox...it doesn't get much simpler or easier for cleaning/re-oiling 😀 The oem seat pan just makes contact with the back upper portion of the filter when it is in place.
The filter drops into place fairly easy with the holes to the left, gently center the holes on the mating airbox taking care not to force or damage the foam..it will sit high in the box until the lid is put in place...gently hand tighten the screws, alternating to snug the lid down even..the 2 layers of foam sandwiching the stiffer, but pliable material will form a tight seal without adding undue pressure & potentially warping the lid.
FWF recommends a bead of grease to seal the air box lid...I used No-Toil Evolution Biodegradable grease (see below).
Viola...Miss T7 now sports a dirt magnet hedgehog under the seat 👍 2WheelDynoWorks, an experienced tuner offering ecu flashes for all iterations of the CP2 motor promotes snorkel removal when combined with an ecu flash for all around improvement in fueling & performance, so I was curious as to what impact, the FWF filter combo might have without the snorkel & no flash.  Based purely on sound & feel I would speculate that they flow less air than the Guglatech Ultra 4 oiled air filter w/snorkel & likely similar to the oem paper filter when used in combination with each other...most of the intake noise is now well muted & less than with the Guglatech filter...although, it would take dyno runs to verify any differences in flow rate or output...both promote superior filtration in a reusable format (Guglatech promotes filtering down to 30 microns & can be used dry or oiled)..but the target market for the FWF combo is max filtration/protection with a slice of simplified pre-filter maintenance of which it is likely one of the top performers.  See you in 3k kms to see how they did.


The bike performed flawlessly over the 3,800 km trip that included sea level to 1,500 meters (5,000') with sustained 100-130 kph (62-80 mph) speeds in temps ranging from 11-39 C (52-102 F). The pre-filter was slightly dirty, accumulating more dirt on the surface facing the front of the bike...surprisingly, most of my off-road riding had low dust, despite the dry & hot temps👍  
NOTE: Filter oil (greenish hue No-Toil Evolution biodegradable filter oil) had been diluted by water in both the pre-filter & main filter, likely from washing the bike after the trip...see "Pre-Filter Location Above Airbox is Susceptible to Water" below. 😞
Top view
Surface Facing Front of bike
Surface Facing Back of bike


Pre-Filter Location Above Airbox is Susceptible to Water
Much to my surprise when I did my post trip inspection I discovered water in the pre-filter & airbox! I saw no rain or water crossings on the trip, so this is likely a result of washing the bike with seats installed & using a garden hose to rinse after returning home & the pre-filter being located directly on top of the air box lid where the oem snorkel was previously located. 
In hindsight, washing the bike without considering the new filter location & not taking appropriate precautions was a bit of a dumb dumb move on my part, but then again, I may be doing what a typical owner might do without realizing the potential issue...but it does illustrate a potential downside of this type of filter location, of which appropriate precautions may have prevented water ingress.  Apparently, the crew at RideADV in Australia also discovered the same issue & FWF has already redesigned the pre-filter for improved fitment & function for use WITH the snorkel attached & is sending me the updated version to try.
Dirt in the Main Filter - Likely a Water Related Issue
The main filter had some dirt on the upper right side, presumably getting past the pre-filter or lid somehow. This happened despite following all instructions regarding oiling & installation using No-Toil Evolution oil & filter grease (see last item in this post) to seal the air box lid & the pre-filter to air box interface.
NOTE that this appears to be an anomaly inconsistent with other user experiences based on what I can find on the web, including the user videos below & FWF testing, according to John. It is somewhat baffling given the location of the filter impacted, but speculate that it may be a result of the water ingress issue I experienced and/or migrated in during removal of the lid...there was no other dirt anywhere else on the filter.  I will be retesting the newly redesigned pre-filter for use with the snorkel & replacement main filter upon arrival.
Reinstallation of oem Snorkel Recommended
As mentioned above, FWF has already redesigned the pre-filter for improved fitment & function for use with the snorkel attached in response to feedback from users...at this point it is unclear if FWF will offer specific pre-filters for each location, a modified version to fit either location or discontinue the air box lid version.  I suspect the new design may eliminate the denser yellow foam at the bottom of the extension & extend the open cell black foam to improve air flow & fitment.
So in the interim, while awaiting arrival of the updated design, I will re-install the oem snorkel & fit the pre-filter into the end of the snorkel, which will elevate & remove it from a direct path above the main filter, restoring the water tight functionality of the oem air box lid/snorkel interface. This may provide better fitment vs the air box lid location, as the pre-filter base extension will have more surface contact area with the snorkel. I will monitor if the filter, being just a press in design, will stay fully seated when mounted vertically into the snorkel on rougher terrain, but it looks like the gas tank  mounting assembly should hold it in place.  This elevated & relocated pre-filter position away from the top of the air filter lid should make it less susceptible to water issues.
A Water Repellent Pre-Filter Cover May be a Beneficial Addition.
This may become a mute or less critical point with FWF's redesigned pre-filter that installs in the snorkel, but I would caution all current owners who opt for snorkel removal or replacement of the oem lid with an aftermarket lid of similar design to take appropriate precautions to prevent water getting onto the pre-filter or into the air box...such as when washing the bike or riding during extended wet weather or water crossings...in which case a water repellent cover may  be a beneficial addition & help hold the filter in place + could be used without the pre-filter for a freer flowing alternative that would keep most debris out of the main filter when the added protection of the pre-filter is not needed....this is a benefit that would extend to most pre-filter designs, not just FWF.
Limited Wear on Bottom of Main Filter
The contact point on the bottom of the filter that interfaces with the protruding part of the oem filter box base, that is the attachment point for the oem filter screw, seems to be wearing well + has a glued layer of flexible rubber sandwiched between the grey foam layer & the yellow main filter.  This is an issue with the UniFilter where some have worn a whole in the foam.  FWF's design & choice of materials for the base of the filter + not requiring an  internal spring to maintain filter shape, like UniFilter, should eliminate that failure point inherent with that or similar foam filter designs.
Ease of Pre-Filter Installation & Servicing Will Encourage Use!
Every so often a product arrives that offers both benefits of functionality & ease of use...the FWF pre-filter, in particular, is one of those products.  If you ride mostly off-road or do extended travels the ease of removal/installation for cleaning/reoiling or replacement with a spare makes for quick servicing/changes & less riding down time while extending the service interval of the main filter + can easily be removed when not needed.  😀
Reusable Filters Make Sense!
Properly designed & implemented reusable filters are a win/win & make sense on a variety of fronts...they very often outperform original designs, cost less initially or over time, are re-usable, may be more eco friendly, particularly, if using biodegradable fluids/grease & reduce disposal costs & landfill waste...so even if you are solely motivated by gear-head performance reasons you can take solace in that, in a small way, you may be reducing our impact on mother earth 🌎 ...good multi-tasking & 2 wheeled moto ambassadorship. 👍
Final Thoughts
I really like the design elements of the FWF filters & see them as an evolution in foam reusable filters that should elevate & distinguish them when compared to the current competition, particularly the pre-filter, which will remain my preferred choice combined with a water repellent cover. The seam of the main filter that was not fully bonded in a small outside area of the main filter is just a manufacturing anomaly that can happen on any production line, particularly in early production runs & easily corrected if not just a one off occurrence. If I did not already have the Guglatech filter, the FWF main filter would be my next choice over the oem or other offerings.
I wish to emphasize that any filter exposed to open elements, particularly water, has inherent compromises that aught to be taken into consideration & adjusted for when needed....it was my human error that resulted in water getting where it shouldn't (perhaps FWF could add a notation to their instructions cautioning of the issue and/or develop their own water repellent cover as a full in-house solution for those wanting the additional protection)...so please do not interpret the water ingress issue & resulting migration of dirt to the main filter that I experienced as an indicator of poor filter performance or design...because in terms of the pre-filter's prime function of filtering air to the main filter & intake system I see it as performing at least as good or better than any current offering, while offering some benefits others can't match.  I look forward to seeing what changes were made to the pre-filter for adaptation to use with the snorkel & if FWF develops their own optional water repellent cover. 
RideADV Worksop Video Discussing FunnelWebFilter


MVDBR Enduro Video Comparing to UniFilter
Here is a link from Stefan Schueler's 'Burning Feet' blog (in German - select google translate for English) that has reviewed most of the popular T7 aftermarket filters including FunnelWebFilter:  



The No-Toil Evolution 3-pack gives you everything you need to maintain a filter & is eco friendly. No-Toil Biodegradable Evolution Filter Oil is extremely tacky & should offer great filtration, while No-Toil Biodegradable Cleaner makes cleaning your dirty a filter a breeze without solvents, and No-Toil Biodegradable Rim Grease ensures an air-tight seal of your filter on your air box.
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I'll be grabbing a kit when the Unifilter wears out.  like the way the prefilter pushed in the top of the airbox.


look forward to your evaluation. 

I had one on my last WR250R and was happy with quality and performance.

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UPDATE Oct 16/22: Newly Designed Pre-Filter for Snorkle
The newly designed pre-filter for use in the air intake snorkle & replacement main filter arrived.  As of this date the FunnelWebFilter website has not been updated with the snorkle pre-filter.
The air snorkle pre-filter is smaller than the original that mounts directly to the air filter lid sans snorkle. Removal of the more closed cell yellow foam at the end of the black more open cell foam base has been removed providing improved air flow.  






Fitment in the snorkle




Mounted on 2021 Tenere 700
The reduced size vs the original provides improved clearance with the aluminum fuel tank mount, but has less surface area.  With only 2 weeks of bike insurance remaining full evaluation of filtration & fitment performance may have to wait until next spring.




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