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Boise to Glacier park on an FJR1300


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Day 1, 274 miles. Decided to take the FJR-1300 on an adventure. It’s comfortable as all hell and enjoys the twisties as much as I do.
Left Boise and decided to avoid the construction delays by Smith’s ferry and headed up thru Payette, Weiser, Council. stopped for a picture of Whitebird. For my friends and family back east, The battle of whitebird officially started the US Govt going to war against the Nez Perce tribe. It was a one sided battle by the Nez Perce, and below is the site of the battle.
Rode from grangeville down this little known awesome motorcycle road down into Harpster, Stites, and Kooskie. Took a left across the bridge and on to Kamiah, where I am staying at this really nice lodge called the “Elegant Hearthstone Lodge. Highly recommend this place if you are ever traveling thru Kamiah on highway 12. Beautiful accommodations at a reasonable rates. I’m not the only Moto adventurer staying here tonight !
Tomorrow, riding Lolo Pass , one of the best motorcycle roads in the nation , on my way to Kalispell.

some pics from yesterdays ride.




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Made it up Lolo Pass to the visitors center , there were six cops the last ten miles on the Idaho side of Lolo pass . With a speed limit of only 55mph, it is a shameless speed trap on the Idaho side. The Montana side of the pass is a respectable 70 MPH. 
onward to Kalispell. 




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Hard to keep a FJR below triple digits on any sort of decent pavement,  really miss mine when laying down 300+ mile days.  The power is addicting and I really don't recall actually having to ever downshift to pass someone, just wick it up!  Enjoy your trip, I just loved Lolo and Chief Joseph passes.  

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"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes - Mods - HDB handguards, Camel-ADV Gut guard, 1 finger clutch, The Fix pedal & Rally pipe, RR side/tail rack, RR 90nm spring & Headlight guard, Rally seat, OEM heated grips- stablemate Beta 520RS

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So, a 1300mile day, is a BIG day, damn! I'm sure lots of regulars here have that in them, but still, wow!

Of course that FJR is the right tool for the job. Way back,  80's , in South Africa, I had a 900 on loan for a week, not sure if that was just FJ, or if it was FJR at the time. 

Thinking about it, it's probably just ANOTHER bike I can justify having!

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Day 2, Kamiah to Kalispell and a few side roads, 347 miles.

so the Hearthstone lodge also owns this neat breakfast establishment on lol Main Street in Kamiah, coupon for complimentary meal was appreciated and exchanged for a hearty meal and good coffee.



Stopped for the Infamous Lolo Pass HIghways “99 miles sign” that everyone has seen on other forums (especially advrider ) for years. We Idahoans will warn you about two things about Lolo pass road.

1. Idaho side of Lolo pass is  a speed trap, so don’t haul ass between Kooskie and Lolo summit. The last 20 miles of Idaho heading east to the border of Montana is an “absolute” speed trap. The Idaho side is all 55 mph in a money making county funding operation.  I counted 6 Valley county deputies and most were close to the border near Lochsa Lodge. I dug deep with great restraint and stayed at, or close to speed limit here the whole stretch, except for passing situations. 
It was a total waste of comers and twisty sweepers. 


At least one one should SUV or half ton truck Will

certainly pull out into a left turn as you approach at a high rate of speed. I was thankful for Linked brakes with ABS twice today. 


Stopped and took many pics that won’t get posted because it was so Smokey that Mountains were mere shades of mountains this day. So many large fires it’s been Smokey the entire way from Boise. 



Stopped at Lolo Summit , talked to rangers for a while, did a nature walk and read up about Lewis and Clark’s journey and the real “native” Americans who greeted and saved many as sickness set in as they were not acclimated to the Native/aged meats and such. 

Got  back on my bike on the Montana side of Lolo Pass and it was time for haul ass, leaning corner carving time as Montana raises speed limit to 70. It was glorious , even with side luggage the FJR 1300 is a blast . Twist that throttle and it is fast. My bike has full Penske front and rear, got it set firm for my weight and likings and just tore thru the miles on Montana today. So many hundreds of curves, my shoulders and arms are pumped and I’m tired.




Tomorrow - Glacier/ Road to the Sun. 






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Day three , 212 miles Glacier Smokey mountains park. 

Idaho has. Had numerous forest fires this year and this has caused smoke in Western Montana, heavy smoke. Which sucks when you go on a multi day motorcycle ride to see all the mountains. Took best pics I could get , thru the smoke and haze.


Slept in , got to the west gate of Glacier Park at 10 am and since Montana recently approved lane splitting , passed like 140 stopped cars and rode right t  on the front. Pulled in to get the sign pic. 


just gonna dump some mountain pics here 















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Awesome trip!  For reasons like this I've been thinking about selling my Street Triple in favor of a sport tourer.  


I hope to go to Glacier some day! 

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16 hours ago, DT675 said:

Awesome trip!  For reasons like this I've been thinking about selling my Street Triple in favor of a sport tourer.  


I hope to go to Glacier some day! 

Glacier park ride is awesome, Lolo pass is awesome and the ride back from Kooskie to Stites , harpster, Grangeville and Riggins is equally awesome. 

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Rode back to Idaho as fast as possible , didn’t get many pics as I was focused on getting thru the wildfire smoke as quick as I could . Thankfully didn’t see any cops.lunch at flathead lake , had a pop at this little lodge on the Idaho side of Lolo Pass.



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Today , day five on my way home. Eating lunch in Riggins and then will be home in a few hours. 
Trip about over , batteries recharged and head fully cleared of negativity. 
therapists exist for those who don’t ride motorcycles. Our bikes are our therapy! 

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Wow! What a great trip!  I feel sorry for those who never will experience the freedom "of the mind" that a 2 wheel machine (or bike for that matter!) will do for them.  I dont ever remember thinking negative thoughts while on a motorcycle.  Hell, even the times ive had close calls with other cars or deer, its just a matter of minutes before my head gets clear again and back to my happy zone...


Lane splitting with panniers on, thats something!  Sounds a bit tight...





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