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Tactix Large IP65 Defender Case


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 Tactix Large Waterproof Defender Case




For my use I prefer the functionality of a hard case for a tail bag/top box vs a soft bag for the added security, ease of use & IP65 water/dust rating that allows me to carry my tools, emergency & misc gear all the time + will accommodate a drone or other goodies. Tactix makes 3 sizes of this style of case which seems to be a sturdy, quality design that comes with 3 different layers of foam & is slightly larger than the Enduristan Large 15 liter Bag Topper I was using for a tail bag.  Imho, it seems right sized & proportional to the T7, being the same width as the rear & front faring panels & not too tall.


Pelican, SKB, Nanuk, Seahorse, Meijia & HF Apache are popular North America brands offering cases in numerous sizes & shapes & had narrowed my selection down to the slightly smaller Seahorse SE530 or slightly larger SE630 that offers locking latches, in addition to the usual lid lock holes, until a local tool supply (Summit Tools) had the Tactix case on sale for $45 Canadian, less than 1/2 the price of the Seahorse, which already is very well priced vs most of the competition. 




I like that the Tactix 2 stage latch remains clasped to the lid, preventing it from flopping open if it comes loose at the bottom & that the lid stays open at 90 degrees. I removed the case handle & opted for MasterLock 646T combination locks adding bicycle inner tubing to the metal housing to quell noise & prevent marring the case.

Specifications & Features

  • Exterior:  L 16.4" x W 12.8" x H 7.0" or L 38 cm x W 26.7 cm x H 15.9cm
  • Interior:  L 15.0" x W 10.5" x H 6.25" (case 4.5" + lid 1.75") or L 41.6 cm x W 32.5 cm x H 17.8 cm (case 14.0 cm + lid 4.4 cm)
  • Volume:  16.0 litres
  • Super strong construction
  • Waterproof & dustproof (IP65 rated)
  • Automatic Pressure Relief Valve to equalize pressure for easy openings
  • Includes pick & pull foam insert
  • Pre-drilled for two padlocks.


91RHDBY5w3L._AC_SL1500_.jpg 81NyM1sCfXL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

Tactix Product Video
I mounted the case to my Yowling Luggage Rack (Chinese copy of the Altrider Luggage rack) using 1/4" ABS board under the case to more evenly distribute loading because of the tapered shape of the luggage rack that dictate the mounting bolt locations to the middle & forward area of the case & the amount of side & rear overhang.
Mounting Method
I incorporated an aluminum plate on the inside bottom of the case covered by a sheet of rubber matting, 1/4" black ABS board on the exterior bottom of the case with some 1/8" arena board sandwiched between it & external ribbing of the case & a layer of rubber matting between the ABS board & the rack in the hopes of improved durability of all components. 6 x 35 mm button head bots, fender washers & nylok nuts tied it all together.
20220913_121206.jpg 20220913_124214.jpg 20220913_121048.jpg
Tactix Large Case Mounted on T7
Other considerations for case size & positioning on the rack was having enough clearance to remove the passenger seat which slides back & up when unlocked & removed, not having too much overhang beyond the rack at the back for reduced pendulum effect & not being too wide to minimize clearance issues when my Giant Loop MotoTrek soft bags are mounted & wanted it situated inboard of the rear luggage racks to minimize damage potential in tip overs. 
The full passenger seat area is available for use by a rider in technical riding or a pillion or a dry bag + the case lid overhang has enough space underneath to allow bungee cords/nets to strap items on top or for the Enduristan Bag Topper clamps to mount to.  I may add some form of organizer or netting to the interior lid for added functionality...the Enduristan has several convenient & useful storage options in it's lid.
20220913_193736.jpg 20220913_194603.jpg  20220913_193956.jpg 


MLCOM_PROD_646T_01_Hero.jpg MLCOM_PROD_646T_06_Dimensions.jpg
I liked the 15 litre size & other features of the waterproof Enduristan Bag Topper, but security was an issue requiring a lock on the zipper & an Abus 205 Combiloop cable lock to secure the bag to the rack + the front straps required loosening to facilitate rear seat removal....all of which eroded the convenience factor.  On a recent 10 day 3,800 km trip I noticed a little dust had migrated into the bag at the back right corner...the raised fabric lip of the bag that the lid fits over had collapsed inward slightly in the corner.
20220828_140417.jpg 20220828_140456.jpg
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