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R&G Racing Luggage Side Rails


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Racks ~ Rails, call them what you will. I call them racks.

R&G Racing Luggage Side Rails for Yamaha Ténéré 700 19- (LS0001)


Note: The forward mounting bolt (foot peg bracket) gets a rounded, black plastic cap, not shown here.


Immediate comparisons will be draw to the Adventure Spec side racks that look remarkably similar. I prefer the fitment and shape of the R&G Racing offering. With exchange rate or whatever, they were under 200 USD delivered.

Being excited to get them mounted, I failed to weigh them. They're aluminum (aluminium because they're a UK product).  Suffice to say I was surprised how light the box was when the delivery person handed to me. I had to wait a couple of weeks for production, then they shipped on Wednesday and I received my order to Las Vegas, NV 2 days later via DHL. How do they do that?




I wanted a tight-fitting rack for soft luggage (yet to be determined) that is compatible with my Outback Motortek Tail Rack.

I took a chance. Fit and installation couldn't have been any better or easier. Everything lined up and I reused all the existing fasteners - stock rear foot peg bolts (as instructed) and OM rack side bolts. The only provided fasteners used were the 2 bolts connecting the forward mounting point of the R&G rack to the sandwiched in foot peg brackets.


Provided fasteners for standard installation not used.



Here is a shot of the exhaust side. Yeah, I'm paranoid about bending in the muffler hanger, but this rack will help a little, and this rack with luggage on it could help a lot.



As for luggage...too many options. I'm quite fond of the Kreiga OS12. I may get something small and cheap for daily use and something better quality for touring.


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I too purchased these beauties and just got back from a 3 day rough road adventure. Worked extremely well with my mosko reckless 80 setup. Quick delivery and great price. Couldn't be happier with them. As a precautionary measure I put a dab of silicone on the bolt heads before putting on the rubber covers. Seemed to work great.

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Forgot to mention a note on fitment. I used the R&G side panels with the Tusk rear rack which has a solid 1/4" bar that supports it. I thought I was going to have to cut down the black spacers provided by R&G but it turns out that the spacers used for the Tusk rack are almost exactly 1/4" shorter. So use the Tusk rack spacers with the longer provided R&G bolts and you will be golden. Hope that makes sense. Shoot me a message if you have this setup and need clarification.

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These can also be made to fit the OEM rear rack. Takes a little jiggery fuckery to make up a new front lower bracket, but they work. 


Ridiculously quick delivery too. IMG20220722162256.jpg.c6f42fc20139d6caf523836e1158dc0f.jpg

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Hello, I'm interested too in mounting the side racks with the OEM rear rack. 
Have you more photos or advices?


  • Gianluca
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