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MotoZ Tractionator GPS vs Stock STR


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Entering into a discussion of 50/50 tires in one of my Facebook groups, I typed out this diatribe. Figured I'd throw it on here as a review of sorts. I just copy/pasted:

I've got on the MotoZ Tractionator GPS front and rear, which is listed as a 50/50 tire. Although, I have the rear in the "mostly offroad" direction. They are much better off-road than the stock STR tires but also not quite as good on road, due to the harder compound.
I can't push them quite as far in the twisties, because at a certain point the rear feels like it is getting a bit... "squidgy". So they can't be pushed quite as hard, but they also have a very felt approach to their limits, which I would certainly call a good thing. With the STRs, I never drug a peg, but that was only because my boots would hit first with these narrow little pegs (and I don't mean toes all stuck out to the sides, squid-style). I used to drag the outside edges of my boot treads occasionally. I've never been able to get QUITE as far over on the GPS, but we're talking a few degrees difference; not much.
On wet pavement, I spin when trying to clutch up a wheelie too hard or even making a hard 1-2 shift. That said, I've not had it feel unstable at all when riding, I just slow down on wet corners. I have had a couple instances of playing about on wet roads, where I came over a mild rise as I was shifting to third and it broke loose for just a few feet.
Off-road, they hook up MUCH better on gravel and hardpack than the STR. I can still spin around on dirt roads in the first 3 or 4 gears, but now it's usually only when I do it intentionally. The front GPS hooks up way better off-road which gives much more confidence in overall grip. The rear GPS has WAY more lateral grip than the huge block lugs on the STR, so constantly sliding out under power, under braking, and even when just rolling, is a thing of the past for me. In mud, the front GPS is a bit less likely to wander and does slightly better at gripping the sides of ruts to climb out of them when needed. The rear is similarly SLIGHTLY better in mud because it has some lateral grip, which will keep it fairly planted until you make it spin. The GPS tires do pack up with mud fairly quickly when just rolling through it, but they also release it super fast, with just a bit of hard ground or throttle-induced spinning. In sand, the GPS are about as useless as the STR tires or any other non-paddle tire.
For longevity, I was slightly above the wear-markers on my rear STR when they came off with 3497 miles. Probably could have babied them through another 500 if needed. I've put nearly 2000 miles on my GPS tires and the front looks like I wore off the vent spews (the little rubber hairs), while the rear is probably down about 25-30%. They are going to far outlast the STR tires. Point of note here, I am really hard on tires, especially rear tires. I like to do wheelies. I like to spin around on gravel roads, whether taking a tight corner at 15mph or doing 60mph down a long straight (either is more fun spinning). Also, as noted above, I like to hang twisties. All of which is hard on tires. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Basically comparing MotoZ GPS to stock STR approximates out like this:
- 10% worse on dry roads.
- 15% worse on wet roads.
- 25% better on gravel.
- 40% better on hardpack.
- 5-10% better in mud.
- Same performance on sand.
- Both sets stable to 100mph+

"What the hell's a 'farkle'? Oh... I... have all the farkles." 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

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Thanks for this. I am going to do my first dual sport event in a couple of weeks here in CA. I only have 1200 miles on the bike / stock STR tires. I love them for the road so far but not sure what to expect from them in the dirt. Your review is great. I don’t really want to “panic” and buy 50/50 tires right now as there will be a lot of road riding over the winter here and I just hate the idea of not using the STR for a few thousand miles too.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like I should be OK wearing the STR out, even off-road? Also that if I were to change either tire out just for this ride then the front would be the one to do, plus much easier.

Also can you recommend a tire pressure to run the STR at on the trails? I got a portable pump right away because I guess airing up and down is a big deal on these heavy bikes.  All my experience with bikes is dirt bikes with knobbies before this Tenere Thanks!

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I've always ran 32 psi on the front and 35 psi on the rear. Granted, that is largely because most of my riding in North GA, consists of 15-50 miles to get to the dirt roads I want to ride, as well as a smattering of other road miles between dirt roads. So, my average 175 mile day riding, may have had 75-80 miles of pavement in there. Easier and safer to me to just leave the tires at a safe street pressure and deal with it offroad.

The stock STR tires are fantastic on the road; they made no discernible noise and gripped like crazy. I spent a good bit of time carving corners with them and have absolutely NO complaints there at all. My biggest issue with them off road was the unpredictable grip of the front tire on gravel. The lack of lateral grip on the rear would get annoying in any sort of off-camber situation, but the front tire was what kept scaring me. There were a litany of instances where I'd be tracking fine through a corner on a forestry road and the front would just try to tuck in and slide away, seemingly at random. It was especially bad on larger loose gravel. I hated it. I can get pretty ballsy (read "stupid) on gravel, but it is pretty much totally predicated on trusting my front tire. If the rear tire acts up, steer in to the slide, gas it and have fun. When the front tire is misbehaving, dab a foot and hope for the best. I don't like that, not at all. At least, not a 460lb, $12K bike. 😬
Honestly, the only reason I waited so long to swap my tires was because it took forever to FIND a set of Motoz GPS tires. Otherwise, that front would have been swapped sooner.

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"What the hell's a 'farkle'? Oh... I... have all the farkles." 😑🤦🏻‍♂️

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Thanks , I’ve only ridden some really dusty dry trails with the STR but in rocky sections it did wander up front, sure gets your attention doesn’t it!

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I was able to buy a Dunlop Trailmax Mission for the front. I really appreciate your review of the stock tire and think that the very highly regarded Dunlop will make my upcoming off-road ride more fun. I ordered a Motoz Rallz 150/70-18 for the rear to save (or use now?) but not so important as the front for me. I'm certain you ride much more aggressively than me but nobody likes a loose front end 😉 Cheers! I bought this bike to mellow out on!

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