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Giant Loop Fandango & Enduristan Sandstorm 4H Tank Bag Comparison Review
With the rise in popularity of Adventure genre & larger dual sport motorcycles, in particular, 300 to 900cc bikes, being used for everything from commuting to trails to back country exploring to world travel, a corresponding increase in luggage options are ever evolving that range in cost, design, features, materials & size. Premium brands like Oregon, USA based Giant Loop & Swiss based Enduristan have offered innovative & waterproof  products targeted for serious use & abuse well ahead of the curve. 
Since downsizing from a 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 ES to a 2021 Tenere 700 in 2020 I have been revamping my luggage selection from larger soft/hard bag combos to predominantly smaller, better proportioned, waterproof soft bags.  I was impressed with the expandable 13 to 20 litre Endiristan Sandstorm 3E tank bag with huge detachable map pocket used on my Super Tenere, so downsized to their 7 litre Sandstorm 4H for the Tenere 700.  I recently took advantage of Giant Loop's 30% sale on tank bags + was able to apply another 10% loyalty discount for previous GL purchases to buy their 8 litre Fandango Tank Bag....which provides a great opportunity to directly compare the 2 tank bags as used on my Tenere 700. Based on price, construction, features, functionality, mounting systems, aesthetics & that iterations of both bags have been made for several years with the GL Fandango receiving design updates in 2021, I would classify them as premium, mature  products.
Which bag is preferred becomes a coin toss of personal preferences & budget as both are quality products positioned at the top of the ADV/Enduro tank bag genre that many other manufacturers have emulated.  Read on for my observations of use, similarities & differences that hopefully may be helpful to determining if one of these bags is appropriate for you.
Giant Loop Fandango on left - Enduristan Sandstorm 4H on right
  • Both can use a small padlock to lock the lid zipper pull tabs together for increased security, but neither easily accommodate any anti-theft method of securing them to the bike...I have used a small retractable cable lock securing the Enduristan to my handle bar while travelling.  
  • Both use YKK waterproof lid zippers, the Enduristan uses #8 size while the GL Fandango uses larger zippers for the lid & mounting base & has an elastic zipper garage for the mounting base zipper.


  • It would be nice to see more manufacturers offer a locking zipper capability similar to what Nelson Rigg uses on some of their bags & add a secure cable lock attachment point to the body of the bag for added security.
  • Giant Loop map pocket is part of the lid w/touch friendly clear cover & charging cable access.
  • Enduristan has a larger, velcro removable map pocket w/charging cable pass thru & a 2nd main compartment pass thru.
  • Giant Loop has a more concave bottom for better fitment on sloped tanks & elevated front section to clear gas cap or breather hose & fits the Tenere 700 very well + the forward sloping back provides a little more clearance while standing vs the more perpendicular shape & map pocket that extends beyond the dimensions of the 4H...the Enduristan sits on top of the gas cap with the bag base deforming around it, but otherwise fits the Tenere 700 well.
  • Enduristan has 2 non-stretchy, mesh side pockets, the velcro closure over 2/3 of the length makes 1 handed access more difficult, particularly when the tank bag is full & with gloves.
  • Both have a hidden outside pocket on the bottom (Enduristan promotes tucking the rear straps into it when the bag is used with the optional shoulder strap) & the Enduristan has a rubber base that may provide more cushioning for heavier items...although the separate GL mount base would add additional cushioning as well.
  • I added bicycle inner tube to the Enduristan mounting buckles for added tank protection.
  • Giant Loop utilizes the same 3 point mounting harness for both the 8 litre Fandango & 6 litre Diablo tank bags that maintains secure positioning of the bag, facilitating easy fueling by unzipping the bag 1/2 way & rotating it on it's right side or unzipping completely for quick removal from the bike.  The base allows for storage of extra lengths of strapping & has D-rings for attaching optional Pannier Pockets...most would leave it attached when using the tank bag when travelling & just unzip the bag to take with you. The GL front strap permits easier threading of the front strap around the steering head & associated cables/wiring harnesses as well as simpler front to back adjustment of the tank bag vs the Enduristan mounting strap & associated buckles, however, once set, the Enduristan harness maintains that positioning. GL recommends using a protective film under the mounting harness to prevent damage to finished surfaces.
  • In contrast, the Enduristan utilizes a separate front strap harness w/quick release Enduristan family buckles looped around the steering head that stays permanently on the bike & slightly curved rear Enduristan family buckles with foam backing zip tied to the bike frame or other available location below the tank or seat that attach to the bag's rear Rokstraps/quick release buckles. The rubber Rokstraps permit fine tuning of how secure/tight you want the bag to be. Installation/removal of the bag is relatively easy leaving the bike with a clean look whenever the bag is not in use...the front connectors can be a little finicky because of limited space for your hands. Enduristan promotes releasing the front buckles & tilting the bag backwards on the seat for refueling, but I found that the tensioned rubber Rokstraps made it difficult to reconnect the front straps, so settled on undoing the left front & both rear straps during fueling & hanging the bag off the right side of the tank, then re-connect the left front buckle before the rears. If the Tenere 700 did not have an elevated fuel cap the Enduristan bag would mount very nicely with a flatter bottom & reduced side to side movement from being perched on top of the fuel cap...so far the rubber base has not marred the tank finish.
  • Giant Loop is wider at the back & has a rear facing stretchy web pocket w/easy 1 handed access for small items.
  • The Enduristan is wider at the front & just makes contact with the Barkbusters bar clamps on full bar rotation with the bag mounted as far forward as possible.
  • The Giant Loop has improved clearance with the BarkBusters bar claps when rotating the bars full stop to stop because of the narrower front width & open design.
  • The Giant Loop lid has 1 zippered interior mesh pocket w/tethered key fob, GL branded tire gauge slot & zippered map pocket access that is slightly shorter than the clear map cover that can restrict ease of inserting a map or larger items, if not smaller than the zipper opening.
  • The Enduristan has a versatile velcro removable lid pocket with 3 storage areas & detachable key fob.
  • Both have an adjustable velcro internal divider w/storage areas (the Enduristan can be easily positioned flush with the end of the bag or moved inward to create a divided storage space without relocating it along the side velcro strips). The GL has a 3rd strip of velcro along the bottom of the bag & promotes compatibility with camera bag dividers. 
  • Both have a raised internal zipper gutter to prevent water/dust entry, with the GL being stiffer, holding it's shape better than the more flexible Enduristan gutter. 
20220925_201048.jpg 20220925_201141.jpg
  • The Enduristan bag has another interior zippered storage area w/elastic loops at the back.
  • Despite the GL being wider & 1 litre larger in volume the more uniform interior shape of the Enduristan bag facilitates easier packing of bulky items, accommodating about the same amount of contents...the GL is 3" or 7 cm shorter at the front vs the back with a sloped bottom & the Enduristan is 1" or 2.54 cm shorter at the front than the back with a non-sloped slightly concave  bottom (mounting on a gas cap increases the concave shape, slightly reducing interior functionality).
  • Giant Loop also includes a dry bag insert for added protection from water & dust which permits removal of contents without removing the bag from the bike.
Both bags employ durable, semi-rigid, multi-layer, welded waterproof construction & YKK zippers.  Enduristan cites 3 layer material, that is less rigid than the GL "Bomb Shell" coated fabric material, which holds its shape better, particularly in the corners & when empty. The GL zippers & pull tabs are larger.  The Enduristan material has developed fine hair like strands over time along some of it's surfaces, which I just trim off for aesthetic reasons.
Both bags offer similar features, functionality & storage capacity, but differ slightly in execution & each has pros/cons depending on individual preferences. I prefer the Giant Loop's aesthetics & integration with the Tenere 700 fuel tank, more robust build & larger zippers, ease of fueling without removing the tank bag, slightly better clearance while standing, that the BarkBusters bar clamps clear the tank bag on stop to stop rotation because of the opening at the front & that it matches my GL MotoTrek Soft Panniers. Each has reflective detailing. I prefer Enduristan's more useful lid organizer/storage, their larger, detachable map pocket, the permanently attached mounting buckles/harness that leave the bike with a clean oem look when the bag is removed & the lower price. 
  • Giant Loop offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty & has a reputation for outstanding customer service & product support....but will be curious if any change occurs after the July 01, 2022 sale to Sweden's USWE.
  • Enduristan offers a 5 Year Warranty, but am not as familiar with their customer/product support.
Giant Loop Fandango MSRP $260 US (black or Gray) - Enduristan Sandstorm 4H  MSRP $184.99 US (black only). Sticker shock is prevalent with many premium products, including Giant Loop's Tank Bags, particularly when factoring in conversion to US dollars, but substantial discounts may be available throughout the year by subscribing to/following manufacturer & retailer social media sites, particularly Black Friday sales in November.
Giant Loop Fandango on Tenere 700
20220919_133025.jpg 20220919_135016.jpg
20220919_134943.jpg 20220919_134556.jpg
Enduristan Sandstorm 4H on Tenere 700
20200921_174757.jpg 20200921_174748.jpg
20200921_174717.jpg 20200921_174839.jpg
Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag from Giant Loop website
Keep your gear organized and dry even in the most extreme conditions. We’ve made the Fandango Tank Bag even more ready for adventure thanks to waterproof welded construction, a new welded waterproof map and phone pocket, and an included fully welded Tank Bag Dry Pod™. With eight liters of capacity, the Fandango Tank Bag offers riders a convenient way to carry and access larger items such as a DSLR camera, rain gear, or first-aid items while on or off the motorcycle, with enough room for a day of riding, or a long-haul journey.
The Fandango Tank Bag provides quick, easy access to the fuel tank without removing the bag to fuel up. The bag can be partially unzipped from the harness to access fuel fill or completely removed and carried by the handle to keep belongings safe while off the bike.
The tank bag’s unique trim shape stays out of the way when seated or when standing on the footpegs riding off-road, so you can focus on riding fast and far.
The Fandango fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle because of its versatile, universal harness mounting system that straps to the frame.
Photographers love the Fandango tank bag because of the interior’s hook-and-loop material that is compatible with many camera bag dividers, and for ease of access to the bag while seated on the motorcycle.
Combine the Fandango with Giant Loop Pannier Pockets™ and Zigzag Handlebar Bag™ for even more on-the-trail storage volume.
  • VOLUME: 8 liters (490 cubic inches).
  • DIMENSIONS TANK BAG: rear height 8″ (20 cm), front height 5″ (13 cm), 8.25″ W x 12.25” L (21 cm W x 31 cm L).
  • CLEAR MAP POCKET (VIEWABLE AREA): 6.5” W x 8.5” L (16.5 cm W x 21.5 cm L) Lid: 8.25″ W x 10.25″ L (21 cm W x 26 cm L).
  • HARNESS: 8.5″ W x 12″ L (22 cm W x 30 cm L).
  • WEIGHT: 2 lb. 5 oz. (1.0 kg).
  • MATERIALS: Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with critical radio-frequency (RF) welded seams; YKK zippers, heavy-duty fasteners, and reflective trim.
Fandango-Tank-Bag-unzip.jpg  Giant-loop-2021-fandango-tank-bag-8.jpg
fandango-tank-bag-open.jpg fandango-tank-bag-dry-pods.jpg
Giant%20Loop%20Instr-Fandango-20200114-Outlines_Page_1.jpg Giant%20Loop%20Instr-Fandango-20200114-Outlines_Page_2.jpg
Enduristan Sandstorm 4H Tank Bag from Enduristan website
  • Volume: 7L
  • Length: 27cm / 10.6", Width: 20cm / 7.8", Height: 16cm / 6.3"
  • Soft, unreinforced design, no "nutter-effect"
  • Large waterproof map pocket (27.5 x 19 cm)
  • Red inner lining for high visibility
  • Waterproof cable ducts to main compartment and map pocket
  • 1 fold-away separators in the main compartment: Fold it in to divide your bag, fold it away to have one large compartment
  • Fold-away separator can be placed at any required position along the length of the tankbag
  • 1 zipper pocket on the separator
  • 1 zipper pocket in the main compartment
  • Various holding loops in the main compartment
  • Removable document pouch under the cover with pen holder, mesh pocket and key ring
  • Deluxe shoulder strap separately available
  • ROKstraps can be stored under the floor construction for comfortable carrying
  • Firm seat under even the most extreme off road riding
  • Easy fastening, quick removal
  • Quick access for refuelling
  • No flapping straps
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Built to last
enduristan-sandstorm-4h-tanktas%20(5).jpg enduristan-sandstorm-4h-tanktas.jpg
enduristan-sandstorm-4h-tanktas%20(4).jpg enduristan_luta-007_sandstorm_4a_tankbag_008.jpg
Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_1.jpg Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_2.jpg

Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_3.jpg Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_4.jpg
Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_5.jpg Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_6.jpg
Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_7.jpg Enduristan%20LUTA-008_Sandstorm_4H_Manual_Page_8.jpg
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One great feature about the Giant Loop is the ability to unzip the tank bag a little over 1/2 way when you add fuel.  When the tank bag is folded over,  it provides a small shelf to put your wallet and or gas gap.   I spent $10 on Etsy for a 3d printed hinged gas cap thingie.   The giant loop is PNW tested to be water proof.    





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What a comprehensive comparison!


I have both bags and greatly prefer the Giant Loop Fandango over the Enduristan on the T7 for a few simple reasons:


- The GL bag doesn’t push back on me when I stand, due to its sloped design.  This is the main reason I switched to the Fandango.


- The GL harness stays exactly where I put it, so the bag is always in the same place when I’m riding.  On/off with the Enduristan tends to lead to the bag drifting out of place a bit. 

- Like Redneckj said above, the GL bag is just a bit easier to deal with at fuel stops.


I still like the Enduristan bag but specifically on the T7, the GL Fandango is just a better solution for me.

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