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Bikeseal puncture prevention


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Ok so a contentious subject I know but here's my small DIY tip...

As I am running the original Pirellis, acknowledged to be a b#tch to get off the rim at the roadside, and as rescue services are a long time coming in Northern Scotland, I figured WTH it's got to be worth trying something that might plug a puncture, and "bikeseal" purports to be good for tubed tyres.

A lot of reviews have moaned about difficulties in getting the bikeseal fluid into the tube. To which I say, RTFI! (With a couple of caveats)

First -the bottle of bikeseal comes with an applicator tube that is just a little too loose on the valve stem. Solution - a 60ml syringe courtesy of a medic I know, and a piece of filler tube from a Scottoiler bottle. Perfect fit, no mess, and a measured amount of fluid. 

Second, the tube, when deflated, would seem to close over the inner end of the valve stem. A gentle insertion and  wiggle with something long and blunt (fnarr fnarr!) opens the tube up and allows flow. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy and no mess!


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Well that sounds helpful! I think I will add some to my emergency tool kit - Scotland will probably be my next big trip (around Easter 2023, which is in April), so I really appreciate your insider information regarding rescue service.

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