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ABS switching on the fly - ***not

Alan M

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I’ve just modified my ABS to be able to switch it on and off while on the move and not have to switch back off after killing the engine. As it’s the bikes braking system I’m not saying everyone should do this, this is just how I’ve done it.


I fitted a bar mounted switch which switches one end of a 12V relay coil to the negative terminal on the battery. The other side of the coil is connected to battery positive via a 1A inline fuse.


The relay (20A) n/c pole is connected across Fuse 1 socket, 20A fuse - ABS Solenoid. The wires going back to the relay are fused with a 20A inline fuse.


With the switch in OFF the ABS is active, when switched to ON the relay energies and cuts the supply to the solenoid valve. This disables the ABS and lights the ABS amber warning light but does not generate management faults to the ECU.


Ideally the bar switch would be the other sense, but it only comes with contacts closed in the ON position. The only tricky part is fitting the wiring in the fuse box as there is very little height available. I used modify hook crimps with the insulation cut off after crimping and enough copper tail hanging out to allow the wiring to sit flush in the box. I fitted a small plastic spacer between the crimps and cut a small channel in the bottom and lid of the fuse box to allow the leads to exit. This box is not particularly weather proof sealed as standard so the extra slot shouldn’t make much odds.


Don’t connect the positive side of the coil to the solenoid fused supply. This is not a ‘clean’ supply and will cause the coil to bounce. You could also find a supply from the ignition on circuit as this would prevent the relay being left energised with the engine off.


**** Hands up, I’ve made a horse’s c0ck of this.


 I’ve had it out for a run and it doesn’t work the way I thought it would, apologises.


When I first tried this I removed the fuse then replaced it again and I must have switched the ignition off. When I activate my solenoid circuit cut it switches off the ABS and lights the warning light but doesn’t reset until I cycle the ignition via the key switch.


What I’ve done is kind of changed the default from ABS on to ABS off with the switch, not how I’d hoped it would have worked but will probably suit me better when using off road.






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  • Alan M changed the title to ABS switching on the fly - ***not
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Ok, wee update.


 I decided to go back to my original idea and use the new bar mounted switch to kill the engine via the side stand switch.


With the bike in gear this kills the engine but does not switch off ‘off-road’ mode.


Can also be achieved by stalling the engine but I thought this is a less harsh method and I wanted to delete the side stand switch away.



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