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Giant Loop Klamath tail bag on sale


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Deep discount on this item at Motosport.  $119, normally $270.




It is backordered 3 weeks, but a buddy of mine just got one delivered at this price, so it seems valid....

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I ordered one of these from Giant Loop a week ago but it still hasn't shipped. $149 (free shipping). The website didn't mention anything about back order. Motosport no longer carries this particular item.


Giant Loop just sent me a 10% discount code:




Thank you for your recent purchase at Giant Loop.

As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy 10% off your next purchase at giantloopmoto.com with this coupon code: 19email10

Share this code with your riding buddies too – we need them on Team GL.



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The tailbag finally arrived and I've had it mounted for a few hundred miles. I was looking for something minimal for day trips that wouldn't require adding a tail rack or any other mods. I'm not sure it was designed to be mounted in quite the way I did but it seems to be working out. I ran the "pronghorn straps" (included) around the rear seat. They're supposed to attach to a tail rack. There are plastic ridges under the seat that pinch the straps and I was afraid they might slice into the straps but so far there's no sign of it. I was thinking I might have to remove a section of the ridge to accommodate the straps, like for the factory hand strap. That would probably be cleaner but I kind of hate to start cutting on the plastic bodywork, even though it wouldn't really be visible. All in all I'm satisfied with the tailbag, at least for my purposes. It is kind of pricey, though ($149) and probably not that much better than just bungeeing a tote bag to the rear seat. Since the bike comes with those handy anchor points.

Pronghorn Straps Around Rear Seat.jpg

Sharp Plastic Ridge.jpg

Pronghorn Straps.jpg


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