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suspension upgrade question


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For the folks who have done suspension upgrades, how many of you started out by just moving to heavier springs, but then wound up going with full shock / cartridge replacement systems anyhow?


Thanks in advance!

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Springs Front and Rear here: rode stock for 8000M, then did rear. Fronts at 9000M, now sitting at 11000M. 

My setup works great loaded and everyday , the greatest improvement for me was the improved stability at freeway speeds. My loaded and unloaded unpaved riding happens at low enough speeds that I don't make unreasonable demands from the suspension. 

I don't foresee making any changes soon.


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Went right away with the Touratech WTE Extreme set. Made the bike feel 100lbs lighter and keeps working no matter where you go.

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Ran with heavier springs for the first year.

I wanted to see how it felt with springs only and determine is a revalve was necessary and if so where it was lacking.

It was clear there were lots suspension shops who could modify the stock components and had very good results.  I was also lucky to find an experienced shop locally who would do mine if needed.


For the second season my shock and fork were both revalved.  The stock fork cartridge was modified to add a mid valve setup which greatly improved it's performance.


I usually buy a quality aftermarket shock on most of my bikes, but don't throw something away just because everyone else say so.   I have heard many people bash on stock shocks and forks on many bikes but in reality they never tried to make it work in the first place.   In many cases they never even adjusted the settings to see how they could be improved.


In the end I am very happy with my revalved stock components, but if you decide to purchase aftermarket stuff I am sure you will be happy.   Save your stock components and when you sell the bike reinstall the stock parts.  You will then be able to sell them separately and recoup 50-75% of your investment.  


It's your money, spend it as you wish.  

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