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Mini rev - HDB guards / ASV levers


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Initial comments about the Highway Dirtbikes Ultimate handguards. I went with these over other brands due to reading up on them, and really thinking that how they connect at the bar clamp is a great design choice.




Installation is quite straightforward. On the Tenere, I did need to cut the grips back, as well as trimming 1/8" or so off of the throttle tube so that it can still rotate freely once the guard is in place.

The 'big bolt' kit screws right into the stock Tenere bars with no problems at all. The rest of the fitment is a breeze, and I can say that with the lower bar clamp flipped to move them forward a touch, there are no clearance issues lock to lock.

If you run your levers fairly flat, you may wind up having to rotate the banjo fitting for the front brakes. I do have my levers pitched a bit down and had clearance, but I can see this being a tweak some riders may need to do.




The mirrors are a godsend once you get the angles sorted, and they show WAY more of what's behind you than the stockers do. It does take a bit of getting used to pitching your eyes down further, but this is a minimal change.

Two thumbs way the hell up for this product. They are sturdy, high quality, have a great mounting system, and the folks at HDB provide stellar customer service. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Second short review is for the ASV levers:




No, they are not cheap, but they are also a very nicely made piece of gear. The granular amount of adjustment you can get on the dial is amazing. Fitment was effortless, and there is no slop on the clutch or brake side. During operation, they work as you'd expect with plenty of room for your ring / pinky fingers to stay on the grip. Again, highly recommended.

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