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Rigg Gear Hurricane Dry Duffel Bag


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Nelson Rigg - Rigg Gear Hurricane SE4040 Dry Duffel Bag
I wanted a dry bag large enough to fit all my camping gear that was narrow enough to not interfere with my Giant Loop MotoTrek Soft Panniers & fit on the passenger seat between the rider seat & my Tactix waterproof case mounted to my Yowling Aluminum Luggage Rack. I had been previously using the Enduristan Tornado 2 Large (51 litre) Pack Sack with their RokStrap mounting system, which is high quality, reasonably priced, but too long at 24", could not be opened without releasing the mounting straps & would not hold it's shape when empty or partially full.  
Nelson Rigg has a reputation for innovative, quality, well priced motorcycle specific products. Their Rigg Gear - Hurricane SE4040 Dry Duffel Bag is a new design/evolution of previous bags that incorporates many desirable & convenient features, including their patented RIGG STRAP system that secures the bag to the bike via aluminum clasps & molle webbing with different height attachment points (see video below), while allowing access to the roll top opening & interior of the bag independent of them, facilitates bag removal without removing the straps from the bike + does double duty as tie down straps for other items when the bag is not in use.  While the bag is made from waterproof & durable single layer 24 oz PVC Tarpaulin, it is likely not as abrasion resistant as the thicker, textured 3 layer material Enduristan uses, but should provide reasonable service life if used & maintained properly. The included pressure release valve should be standard fitment on all dry bags...Enduristan needs to adopt this feature, as it really aides sealing the roll top closure & shrinking the bag volume. 
The bag can be used with or without the 3 plastic stiffeners that hold the bag's shape even when empty & offer additional protection isolating interior items from harder surfaces like racks.  The bag has no additional interior storage pouches & 2 bonded side pieces of PVC material located about the same height as the Nelson Rigg Logos on the long sides of the bag + a velcro bottom strap to hold the large plastic insert in place along with 2 end pouches for the smaller plastic inserts that could be repurposed as storage pouches with those plastic stiffeners removed. The top straps can be configured as a handle for carrying or for use as a back pack or latched straight across the bag via quick release buckles to cinch the bag & roll top tight. The base has an additional dimpled layer bonded to the bottom for increased durability, less slippery interface with other surfaces & aesthetics hiding the bottom attachment points for the roll top end straps. 
Nelson Rigg could have added additional molle webbing on the ends & perhaps the top for increased versatility & storage options & I would like to see manufacturers of soft luggage add some form of clasp/anchor point for a locking cable/strap, like Kriega & LoneRider offer...but would increase costs. If you are looking for a budget friendly, good quality, functional, waterproof, basic roll top dry bag the Rigg Gear Hurricane series includes 40 & 25 litre Dry Duffel Bags + several other bags.
Description, Video & Installation Instructions from the Nelson Rigg Website
  • 100% waterproof roll bag, all seams are electronically heat welded
  • Watertight roll closure with quick release buckles
  • Removable internal stiffener helps bag hold its shape
  • Securely mounts using 4 NEW RIGG STRAP™ system
  • Can be mounted across or along seat or tail section
  • Made from waterproof and durable 24 oz. PVC Tarpaulin
  • UV Coated outer material cleans easily and prevents slipping or marking
  • Purge valve makes for compression easy
  • Dual-purpose carry handles can be used as compression straps
  • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility
  • Easily mounts to motorcycle, PWC, and snowmobile
  • Available in Black/Gray
  • Main compartment measures: 20”L x 11”W x 11”H; holds approx. 40 liters
Nelson Rigg Hurricane Bags Video
Hurricane SE4040 Installation Instructions 
SE-4025_SE-4040%20Installation%20Instructions%20Page%201.jpg  SE-4025_SE-4040%20Installation%20Instructions%20Page%202.jpg
Fitment on my Tenere 700
See this link for list of camping items packed in the bag. 
20221209_200723.jpg 20221209_200447.jpg
The Hurricane black/gray colour scheme with yellow branding compliments my Matte Black T7 & should integrate nicely with the similar coloured Giant Loop MotoTrek bags & Fandango tank bag + have a large reflective strip on each end.
20221209_200940.jpg 20221209_200520.jpg
20221209_200742.jpg 20221209_200753.jpg
RIGG STRAPS can be used as tie down straps when not using the Hurricane Bag 
Some other Dry Bags for Consideration
Dry bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, price points, materials, features, functionality & target audience with many of the basic roll top designs being adapted from kayaking or watersports origins.  However, motorcycle specific expedition/dual sport/adventure genre bags with more robust/durable designs & features are available & generally occupy the higher price points. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few examples of what I consider to be popular & well sorted options available at this time. Do your homework to determine which bag best matches your specific needs, usage & budget.
Top Opening Roll Type Style
I was really drawn to the LoneRider Overlander dry bag for the many features & robust design but could not justify the premium price given my particular needs & occasional usage.  Black Friday pricing of <$100 for the Rigg Gear Hurricane won out....but the LoneRider seems positioned near the top of the world travel/back country dry bag genre.
Enduristan Tornado 2 Pack Sacks have been a favourite of Races To Places Lyndon Poskitt & proven to offer durable, high quality products.
Tusk Dry Bags likely offer the best value currently available if your priority is basic waterproof functionality.
Double Ended Opening Roll Top Design
Mosko Moto has a few options for enthusiast including their Backcountry series that integrates into their other bag systems.  It offers dual opening ends, a beavertail & many other features.
Kreiga US-Drypacks offers a variety of quality dry bag options that integrate with their bag systems including the US 40 Rackpack series.  It offers dual opening ends , a beavertail & many other features.
Giant Loop's Tillamook dry bag offers dual opening ends, their renowned quality/durability that is popular with serious adventure riders at an attractive price + can integrate with their other bag systems.
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Nice review ( links are appreciated) and I concur on the versatility and value of the Nelson Riggs Hurricane bags.

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Another bag that belongs in this compilation is the Kriega US-40 Rackpack.  It opens from either end and can be configured as a 18.8" long 28l bag up to a 25.5" 40l bag. 



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Thanks for the reminder of the Kreiga bags...have added it to the list 🙂 

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I bought a Nelson Rigg roll top waterproof bag back in 2016.  It has been GREAT.  To consider which bag to purchase,  I first decided to purchase my camping tent.  I used the length of the tent storage bag to determine which waterproof bag to purchase.  

Normally in the roll top bag I store:

Tent, sleeping bag, down blanket, backing stove/pan kit, dehydrated meals.  

On the roll top bag there are some plenty of mollie strap tie points.  I use these to rok strap my Giant Loop Armadillo fuel bag.  

the pics are for reference only.  




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