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Zebco Kid

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Good morning.


I’ve was on a 6 month waiting list for a 2022 Tenere. I was coming off a BMW GSA, which had hard panniers and a hard top box. I didn’t want hard panniers on the Tenere, as I don’t care for how far they extend outside the handlebars. I did however want a hard top box, as I need a place to lock my helmet and other valuables when I’m in urban environments.


During my waiting period for the Tenere, I did all sorts of research. I purchased the Kriega OS-Combo 36, which includes the base and two 18L soft panniers.  and thought/hoped they would work perfectly with the Givi 2145 and Monokey top plate, and the Yamaha Top Case. The idea was that during normal day to day times, I’d have the soft panniers off, but have the top case on. Then, when I want to travel, I’d simply remove the top case, and strap the OS Base on, add the Kriega 18L panniers, and the Kriega 12L top bag.. Unfortunately, the Givi 2145 wouldn’t accommodate the OS Base.


Not wanting to give up, I kept searching the world wide web. Finally, I stumbled into Perun Moto out of Belgrade, Serbia. They have specialized products for our Tenere 700s. As you can see, there are great solutions. I did have to purchase a Givi Junction Kit from Amazon in order to attach the Yamaha Top Box to the Perun top plate. And…I should add that they are an absolute pleasure to conduct business with.


I now need to sell my unused Givi 2145 rack and top plate. Below is my setup. Let me know if you have any questions.









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Looks good!  How far do the 18L stick out?  What crash bars do you have?

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I’m happy to provide information. I was so determined to get this bike “right”. I was coming off a BMW GSA that was an absolute lemon. 

So, the answers to your questions are-

Bag width: 32 inches 

Handlebar width (with Barkbusters) 36 inches

The crash bars are both upper and lower. They are from Motea.Com out of Helerhausen, Germany. They are well made. Connect to all the right places, and are affordable. I attached my invoice. 





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