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Checking in from San Diego CA


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I had been looking at new and used bikes for just over 2 months.

My list went something like this

- T7

- Africa Twin

- KTM 790

- KTM 640

- KTM 390

- CB500X



- And so on, looking at new & used

I know, I was all over the place.  My main goal was to get a bike smaller, thinner & lighter than the R1100GS I owned for 12 years (sold earlier this year) and never took the trails I really wanted to because it was so big and heavy.  And thinner because, after being gone for almost 30 years, we just moved back to CA and I can now lane split again!


Yesterday I looked at 3 used bikes and stopped by 2 dealerships. At the 2nd dealer I was kinda bummed because there were T7s on the floor so I headed over to the KTM section. I then noticed a tech bringing out a grey T7 from the back and asked him if it had been sold yet, he said "no and I have a blue one coming out too".  Well, the T7, and in blue, was at the top of my list...took it for a test ride (had zero miles on the ODO) and then pulled the trigger!  I know I over paid but I did get a free helmet, shirt, hat, a good discount on a jacket and gloves so... 





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1 hour ago, PondHawk said:

Enjoy! I’ve never owned a bike with zero miles on it! 😂  welcome @aaronq

Yeah, I hadn’t either!  It just seemed meant to be! 

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congrats with a good decision @aaronq- you'll soon forget what the invoice said, and just be watching the odo climb! stay safe, and wave if you pass through this valley 

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