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I was shopping for a narrower/stronger wheelset and landed on a deal on a set of Dubya wheels for the T700 that they had made up but not gotten sold.  This is my first set of wheels from them and thought I'd throw out a couple first impressions.


First: I think manufacturers love the word "ADV" and it brings them visions of fat old guys with thick wallets.  That might not be much off the mark and the prices often seem to reflect it.  Dirt bike wheels with the same components from the same manufacturers often run significantly less and Dubya is not an exception. But still, I got them for a very fair price as pricing on wheels for this bike go and I've never attempted to build my own wheels, so out of your hide or out of your wallet as they say.  


After a few emails back and forth nailing down the details they got the rims out quickly. I sent them payment on the 4th and the wheels hit my door today on the 11th. Wasted no time getting tires mounted. 







They were well packed and the wheels are built from Hann hubs which have a very good reputation for strength, Excel Takasago Rims which have a reputation for being tough, and stout stainless steel spokes. Assembly, fit, and finish done by Dubya all look good.  I was a little disappointed that the wheels didn't come with rim strips though I'm no stranger to using duct tape (as seen in the photos). Still, rim strips would have been nice to include on a premium priced set of wheels. 


The only other small nit which is on Excel not Dubya is the rim welds on the tire side of the rims were pretty rough compared to most I've seen on other wheelsets. It's not earth shattering but I was bit surprised by it. I think D.I.D. Dirt Star rims are finished a bit better in the places that can't be seen once the tire goes on the wheel. 







Anyway, I expect they will be great and look forward to mashing them thru some rocks and mud and see how they hold up.



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Curious as to what sizes you got?   I had a set of SM wheels built with Talon hubs and Excel hoops about 20 years ago. IIRC, the Excel rim welds were smooth and well finished.  Too bad, sounds like their QC has slipped.


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18 minutes ago, AZJW said:

Curious as to what sizes you got?   I had a set of SM wheels built with Talon hubs and Excel hoops about 20 years ago. IIRC, the Excel rim welds were smooth and well finished.  Too bad, sounds like their QC has slipped.


I was shopping for 1.85 x 21 front and 2.5 x18 rear.  However this previously made up set was 1.85 x 21 & 3.5 x 18 rear and I opted to try them.  I've actually been wanting to try a 3.5" rim out with 140 series tires for quite awhile.  2.5" is great for really pinching the tire down, protecting the rim and helping the tire dig well but it does make the tire a bit more squirrely and wear quicker on the pavement part of the run. Some manufacturers call for 2.5" rims on 140 series tires, others call for 3.5".  I think 3.5" is going to work out well for my purposes. Still lets me dip into the cheaper and bigger selection of rear tires and maybe they'll last a touch longer as well.


We'll see! Worst case I'll have to get a 2.5" rim and ask a local buddy to help me get it mounted at a later date.  

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